secure your social media accounts with these 10 free ways

10 ways to protect your social media account from hackers

Top 10 Ways to Secure your Social Media Accounts

It would be not wrong if I say that practically every web user nowadays has the registered accounts on all well-known social media accounts. You may likewise be having multiple accounts  which you may use to associate with the general population and furthermore to communicate with them however aside from all these, a few users face up some issues in which their account are being hacked by the hackers or scammers who get the chance to do that just for their gainful purposes.

For the most part the beginners or new users on the social media are probably going to get caught in some of these hacking traps easily that thus make this excessively straightforward for the hackers, to hack their social media accounts i. e to overcome their account security.

It is very vital for the social media users to know about a few things that could demonstrate harmful for their account and they ought to likewise think about the techniques by which the social media account could be made secure.

Here in this article, we will disclose to you some unique routes by which anybody can take to make their social media accounts considerably more secure. Simply go through the article that is given bellow to know about these strategies.

We have expressed bellow a few techniques that you should take to be secure in this virtual world. So have a look on every one of these strategies bellow.


  1. Two factors validation/authentication

This is a sort of security layer that comes into play while the users sign in to their accounts. The users are then requested the security code that shows up on their given telephone number and so forth.

Subsequently it makes task substantially much more difficult for the hackers to hack the account. You should take note  that to activate this feature in any of the social media accounts. there are some altogether different strategies for each social media account  so you should find that up in the settings tab and endeavor to set that by your own.

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  1. Passwords with Password manager.

You might think that your custom account password is exceptionally protected however that could not be genuine always as for the most part the passwords set up by the people are of high hazard categories.

So to bypass this issue you should be ready to get the password for your account that are exceptionally very safe and turns out to be more secure. To produce or generate up the very best password for your records, you should attempt up the password creating program and online tools.

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  1. Email Authentication

The important thing that the vast majority of the general population don’t use while making up the social media accounts is they tend to use the same email address for their new social media accounts; it’s not advisable to use the email address that has been previously used before on another account. Try to use different email address for different social media account, you can use gmail on one account and use ymail,Hotmail or any other address on another  social media account  as this will help keeping the malware and the other security issues as well.

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  1. Phone Number

You ought to give provide your telephone number in the account profile of your social media as this can help to avoid the password encryption attacks on your account and henceforth it can likewise enable you to get notification  each time there is new login from some other device.

This telephone number would then be able to likewise be used as the emergency recovery alternative for your account that can keep your account truly much safe.


  1. Make Your Social Media Accounts Private

You should endeavor to make up your profile and other account details all exceptionally private with the goal that no one else other than you can know about that subtle details and finally abuse it.

This likewise shields your account from the hackers to some degree without a doubt. You should make sure you avoid or limit your login on any other devices that are not yours be it friend or family.

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  1. Always change your password

Start updating your social media accounts passwords regularly and make it an habit though it’s difficult to have so many passwords on your head but you can create a folder for it in your email address or choose a pattern to follow in changing your password. This will ensure that your accounts haven’t been signed into other unknown gadgets. While setting up the password try to use an alphanumeric password.


  1. Check Your Emails for Fake Logins

A large portion of the hacking attacks start with your Email account. It is recommended that you should block any login attempt that appears to be suspicious. If per adventure you at any point got a notice with respect to a hacker was endeavoring to get to your social media account, change your password immediately.

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  1. Don’t Click on any Short URLs

Did you as of late get a shortened URL from your friends or an unknown or anonymous individual? Reconsider before clicking on it. Hackers have figured out how to hide malicious scripts inside a URL. Once in a while, those shortened URL redirect users to a fake phishing site and users end up surrendering the passwords.


  1. Look For Suspicious Applications in Your Computer or Cell Phone

We login to our social media accounts from PC and cell phone. Hackers simply need to introduce an application on your cell phone or PC to track whatever you are doing on the web. Hence, make a point to search for the suspicious applications on your PC and cell phone.

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  1. Always Use HTTPS

While getting to your social media account ensure you have a HTTPS connection. This step will keep information from being accessed while it’s being transmitted in the web.

Using a VPN service will likewise include an additional layer of security. Any website that doesn’t use HTTPS should not be trusted. I will like to stop here feel free to drop your comment in case any thanks.

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    I really appreciate that you’ve shared this article with us. It gives us so much information about the security of the social media account.

    Everyone has an account in social media and only few of them about how to keep their account secure. Especially for beginners, it’s very necessary that they know these security tips.

    Changing password is as important as making a strong password. All these points are very useful and helpful.

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