Speed up your internet connection

Easy ways to have a faster 2G/3G internet connection


A slow and crawling internet connection is a really turn of as we are not able to browse and connect with internet properly and download or even streamline our most loved or favorite contents. Yet, imagine a scenario in which we revealed to you that you can enhance your 3G internet connection speed with some basic steps even in a 2G area.

People do complain about a particular network (Internet Service Provider) for being slow and that their data are being wasted on monthly basis here I bring to you simple steps to take to speed up your 3G data connection.

Indeed, you read it right. You can enhance your internet experience by following some extremely basic steps. Continue reading to realize that how you can accelerate your 3G internet connection.

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Download the correct web browser

Google Chrome is extraordinary compared to other internet web browsers available for Android. It can synchronize over numerous devices for a consistent web experience. It likewise recalls every one of your passwords and bookmarks. Be that as it may, Chrome takes up a great deal of space too.

So I’m going to suggest a service that offers memory saving, for example, the Opera Max. With its third party VPN benefit, you will have the capacity to save data via social media browsing, video and audio playback, and any other things also on Opera browser you can save battery usage by clicking on the battery saver on the menu. In addition, it likewise monitors your applications, to see which application is consuming the most data and deals with your data utilization appropriately. There is likewise a lighter version called Opera Mini.

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Disable images in your web browser

With a specific end goal of enjoying a speedier internet connection, try as much as possible to keep the browser in text only mode. All browser applications that are available on the Google Play store don't support this features and yet it can be found in the Settings menu easily.

When you turn your web browser to text only mode, it will keep the images from getting loaded. This will increase the network speeds a lot after all most of the images are not needed.

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Clear Cache for better internet connection

Cache is one of the significant issues which influence your device to slow. This is one of the basic issues of phones running old version form of Android. Having a stuffed cache can slow down everything about your phone, including internet browsing experience.

So with a specific end goal to have better internet connectivity, simply clear the cache. Go to your telephone's Settings > Applications and select the application whose cache you need to clear. You can likewise install an app cache cleaner, which will clear the cache of all the applications without a moment's delay. With this your internet connection speed will increased at a greater level.

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Uninstall memory hogging applications

There are numerous applications available which take up a lot of space and furthermore keep running out of sight (running in the background), making the phone slow. A few widgets likewise have a tendency to be greater offenders with regards to memory usage. In this way, with a specific end goal to have a superior and speedier internet connection, simply get rid of those widgets and furthermore uninstall the applications that you don't utilizing effectively. I normally follow one principle of uninstalling any app that I didn’t use for a month or so it means is irrelevant to me.

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