Social media calendar benefits:

Benefits of using a social media calendar for your content

Social media calendar saves a lot of time. By creating a social media calendar you will be able to efficiently manage your time and your resources. It ensures that you have plenty of time to thoroughly research on the said topics. And create engaging and eyes caching contents. Instead of creating post/content on a daily […]

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The Google Assistant

Ways Google Assistant Can Keep You Safe in Cars

The Google Assistant: As indicated by the US Department of Transportation, approximately 10 percent of all deadly vehicle crashes are caused by distracted driving—and 14 percent of those are specifically caused by cell phone use. With this sort of risk, a solution like the Google Assistant could significantly lessen your risk of causing significantly in […]

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phone battery tips

Tips to maximize your phone’s battery life span

 Tips to maximize your phone battery life span Here are some facts and tips listed based on science, that one should know to maximize the life of his/her smart phone battery:  Avoid full discharges: New/Modern batteries, which are majorly Lithium Ion batteries, do not have memory effect. You should not discharge them fully to zero. […]

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