Reasons You are Not Seeing Results from Social Media

3 Reasons You Are Not Seeing Results from Social Media

It is frustrating once you’re not seeing results from social media. It appears like everybody else is growing a following and you’re stuck getting just perhaps a follower daily and you are not seeing any change to your bottom line.
Social media provides us access to unlimited customers worldwide however that doesn’t mean instant cash.

Logging onto social media to post an image or to like a comment in the name of “working” will take the place of doing the activities that really generate financial income. Here are signs it’s time to put your effort somewhere else:

#1. You’re Not Focusing on ROI

You need to measure which social media platform you’re getting the foremost return on your investment. As for me, it’s Pinterest. Pinterest features a high concentration of individuals who have an interest in my web site, products, and newsletter.

I’ve recently devoted little time to Instagram and Facebook.  While I see some results, the results pale as compared to the results from Pinterest therefore I’m currently reassessing.

You also have to be compelled to have a purpose for your social media traffic. Are they funneling somewhere else? Are you getting them on your email list or not? What’s the precise goal you have got with your social strategy?

If you’re not seeing clear social media ROI for the money or time you are putting into a social media platform, it’s time to cut it loose or hire somebody else to manage it for you. Your time can seemingly be better served focusing in areas that do build your business money.

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#2. You Have Shiny Object Syndrome

This is a great reason why I’m presently limiting my time on social media. Shiny object syndrome is when you constantly change or pivot your business model as a result of a new strategy pops up on the scene. You’re always chasing after the next huge thing that’s going to bring you revenue.

Changing the approach to running your business over and all over again does everybody a disservice. It confuses you likewise your customers.

Instead of social media to help your business, digesting heaps of social media will make you to inclined to concentrate to every business “expert” who have a genius new marketing or selling approach. Not every plan or idea is good for your business and creating changes to your strategy perpetually will get you off from your core mission.

#3. It’s Making You Unhappy

It’s Making You Unhappy

Social media serves a purpose—connecting people to the world—but it may also have a negative impact. It may cause you to lose sleep and it can also mess with your self-worth.

Business owners need sleep in order to do good work. You need a high self esteem  and confidence to keep going day in and as well as day out. If you’re finding that you just feel confused concerning your business, distracted, or stressed once looking at social media, give yourself a break. See how you are feeling going some weeks without it.

Hire someone to manage it for you. You don’t have to be compelled to be checking your social media feeds every time to examine what’s happening. Once or twice a daily ought to be enough. Same with email, set some hours daily that you just interrupt your work to check email.

Final Word

I’m an enormous sufferer of shiny object syndrome. It pains me to accept the progress I may have made on totally different projects if I had focused rather than moving on to the next thing. Social media to me plays a huge role in my pivots to new concepts. Limiting this can be serving me to keep focused.

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