Aspects for a Compelling Website Design

5 Aspects for a Compelling Website Design for 2020 and Beyond

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There are multiple aspects when we talk about a website’s design. Web designers follow many trends in designing a website that looks good and can satisfy their clients so that it can generate good traffic.

There are multiple reasons why most businesses also look for such websites. However, trends change pretty quickly and changing the design that often can be cumbersome for most businesses, financially and mentally. That’s why getting a web design which can stand the test of time is necessary. 

So, what are the factors or Aspects for a Compelling Website Design you need to incorporate into your design in 2020 so that you can have a sigh of relief for at least a couple of years? Go through the following factors which are perfect in this concern. 

5 Aspects for a Compelling Website Design

#1. Mobile Responsiveness

How going Mobile Is Crucial to Your Business Success

Well, this one Aspects for a Compelling Website Design is going to be in any list regarding the design because in the coming few years, this will encompass virtually every commercial website. Reason is simple; handheld devices and smartphones are the norm now and desktop computers are used mostly at a workplace.

Optimizing your website for mobile devices is thus, not a requirement but a necessity and one design aspect that you would be happy to incorporate. 

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You will be amazed to see the results after mobile-optimizing your website. This one design factor will give you every opportunity to be successful as visitors will be able to check out the website and have fun browsing through it on their mobile devices.

Keep the design clean and clutter free with lots of white space and use CTAs properly to remind your visitors about the product and any special offers you got. 

#2. Multimedia 

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Apart from written content, audio, video, graphics and animation are just a few of the other elements that can make a page rich and attractive to look at. Use of any of them properly is one design feature that will always work for you.

It is one of the best UX strategies that businesses need to adopt properly as it can work for them in the long run too. Think of the video and animation part very seriously as worldwide over 1000 million hours video is viewed on YouTube along with Facebook ads and videos too.

Videos are not just for entertainment purpose; you can show ads or discount offers around 10-30 sends in length. This Aspects for a Compelling Website Design can be worth every penny you spend on the design. 

#3. Content Strategy

Visitors look for content through which they can know as much about a product or service as possible. While the videos, discussed above, are a good way to send your message across. 

Detailed info about how a product works and its salient features, for example, require detailed written content. There are other aspects too, so that the aspect of how content is placed on a website must be taken care of very meticulously.

If your business is based in Saudi Arabia, help from Riyadh web design company can make your website look exactly what you have in mind. 

#4. Navigation

This is one Aspects for a Compelling Website Design that can be termed as the heart of designing for the web. It is all about how a website is viewed by the visitors and concerned with how much more easily they are able to use your website.

Your site’s layout can make a person find the information he is after very quickly. Talking with respect to UX, you need to place the navigation bar near the top.

This is a common practice as well as the logo should link the users back to the main page.

Products and services must be displayed prominently so that there is not much confusion for a first-time visitor about it. 

#5. Aesthetics

The aesthetics plays a vital role in attracting any visitor at the first glance. All of us visit dozens of sites daily. Even some of us who visit only specific sites in a day has visited hundreds of websites in the past and design is something that all of us look forward to.

Uniqueness in design is what we search for and a new design click with us instantly. 

So, what we can include in a design to make it aesthetically perfect? Design must be balanced with apt use of white and negative space.

Images and design must be in-sync with the industry you are representing and the featured products. Make sure you get this aspect right, and the chances that a visitor will remain on website will increase manifold. 

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