To improve the quality of your blog also means to improve its effectiveness. The chances your blog stands in getting better will only show by making it known on the web and generating new contacts which up till now would not be possible if not improved.

In this blog, I’ll show you practical steps that will actually make you start writing blogs of high quality consistently.

This is also for those who just want to get started on writing blogs professionally. If you are yet to take a plunge in it.

Some of us might be familiar with these steps but how often do we pay attention to them? Because as I far as I’ve come to realize, it is paying attention to the simple things that matter the most.

Regardless of what kind of blogger you are, these steps will go a long way to improve the quality of your blogs. Let’s check them out:

Techniques to improve the quality of your blog

Love your audience

#1. Give the information that your readers are actually looking for and you will see your blog post increase in quality!

Let me illustrate, before starting a blog, the first and foremost thing the blogger ought to consider is what is known as the target audience. This is just as the market is to the companies or even industries.

Every company has a specific market they target; this helps in their efficiency as a team as they are able to offer their services to those who really need it. The same thing goes for a blogger.

By focusing on what your target is looking for like information and making sure you get the best answer. You put the odds on your side in terms of:

  • SEO
  • Commitment 
  • Conversion
  • Satisfaction
  • And hence, loyalty

It is also important to note that your point of focus must not necessarily be what you want to write on or the keywords you must target but the interests of your target. That way the keywords, choice of titles and even the links will eventually come.

The sole prerequisite to writing is to know and understand your audience because without accurately looking out for the interests of the reader, you won’t be able to write a blog that matches their interests.

You must know them in order to get them to read. By doing this you also improve the quality of your blog.

#2. Secondly, go straight to the point

When starting out a blog, there’s always a tendency to make extended paragraphs especially because it’s pretty easy to do. Often times, we don’t get to realize that at this point, this actually annoys a potential reader as he will get bored quickly. 

So you might ask, what do I do at this point? It’s quite simple: be blunt in your writing. Writing bluntly is one exercise not many blog editors know or even practice – this should not be.

It can then be possible to make progress on the point and suggest relevant content much later in the blog. However take note that writing bluntly at the early stages enables you to get straight to the point. 

There are quite a number of reasons that might explain the need for “more content”. First off would be not having enough to write on at first but later then realising the need for more content will mean better SEO. – As the famous 350 words that make a blog is known to be of “good quality” by Google.

Scrap the idea of your mind and focus on your writing. You will find out that the 350 words are often exceeded, so what do you do in this case? Take the opportunity to read your work again and remove anything you feel is really not necessary.

Remember it is said that the first 10 seconds of a video is decisive of whether to ignore it or keep watching; the same goes for a blog post.

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Good typography

#3. Good typography is a guarantee for your blog to improve in quality

This might sound ridiculous but it’s one of the smallest detail most bloggers don’t take note of. Good typography is easy and pleasant to read and guides your reader from start to finish. Good typography will surely improve the quality of your blog.

Keeping your reader interest level on a high frequency. In a case where your typography goes sideways, there are 2 types of readers you will encounter as a blogger:

  • Those who spend 15 seconds or less on your article
  • Those who browse your article, moving from one title to another and reading paragraphs diagonally.

In both cases, I will suggest neat typography as it will facilitate the readability of your article and therefore, will be decisive to improve the quality of your blog.

Use visible and thought-provoking titles to guide your readers and finally do not hesitate to highlight the passages you want to make indispensable.

#4. Indicate your sources and include references 

No one is entitled to believe if you told them you are the owner of the blog, whether in its written or published state. You need to back it up that your information is genuine with the right sources and links and that you also are an expert to write on the niche or the field of study. And who better to do that than yourself. 

A blog is a great tool in building credibility, but you yourself need to be credible and build credibility on a solid foundation.

Never be hesitant to provide the sources and also contribute to the contents that have been written on the niche. In the same way, you can mention the experts of the field that you are approaching, making new discoveries from their research or emphasizing their line of thoughts.

SEO Image Optimization
#5. Images improve the effectiveness of your blog

Images give illustrations on what your articles talk about and better delivers the message to the reader. It makes things easier and better to understand so that the reader is not just imagining the content in his head but is actually seeing what you intended in the content.

They also have the benefits of improving engagement rates. A study by Buffer showed that image tweets record up to 150% more retweets than tweets without artwork.

We have just seen all 5 tips to improve the quality of your blog and we know that once implemented you will get to see the desired results. Else, do not hesitate to leave us a comment and we will get back to you on other tips specific to your problem. Thanks for reading, We hope you enjoyed it.




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