6 Essential Technologies for All Small Businesses

6 Essential Technologies for All Small Businesses


Many small business owners skip out on essential pieces of technology because they fear it will cost too much. However, technology comes in all shapes and sizes, so small businesses can take advantage of the perks technology can offer without spending too much money.

With the right tech, you can boost efficiency, increase your cash flow, and find opportunities to grow your business. Today, Akeentech breaks it down for you.

#1.  A Website

Having a website establishes credibility as a business, especially because it’s often the first place potential customers go to learn about your company. On your website, you can provide information, answer questions, have customers purchase products and services, and even provide blog posts to keep customers engaged.

To save money and time on building your business website, make sure you use templates and design according to user-friendliness.

#2. Social Media

Social media is an excellent way to engage with customers and keep people up-to-date on how your business is developing. Small businesses can use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to provide content, generate brand awareness, and passively market to other people.

Luckily, these platforms are free to use. All it takes is dedication. To make the most of social media marketing, you have to be an active user and post regular content.

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#3. Payment Processing Software

To ease your customers’ shopping experiences, accept multiple payment types. Cash is standard, but there are many businesses that exclude certain credit or debit card companies due to unaffordable swipe fees.

Additionally, research shows that digital wallets are on the rise, being responsible for almost half of the global e-commerce transaction value in 2021. The convenience of digital wallets makes it more imperative for businesses to accept payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Since taking payments is so integral to your business, it’s important to have the right technology.

#4. Accounting Software

Accounting software comes in all sizes. Generally, the more expensive the software is, the more robust it will be. However, your small business may just need the basics depending on how you’ll use the software.

Integrating payroll, inventory management, and accounts payable and receivable could cost more upfront but save you money down the line.

#5. Data Collection

Data collection gives you deeper insight into how your business functions. With the right data, you can figure out where to focus marketing efforts, identify opportunities for growth, and strategically plan better.

You could even implement AI to make data analytics more productive. However, without a plan, you could be wasting money on collecting data. Get clear about what types of data are most important for business growth and how you want to track it.

#6. Cybersecurity Software

Cybersecurity is essential for any business, no matter the size. From customer information to employee records, you’ll want to protect the people associated with your business.

There may also be intellectual property or financial records that you want to keep secure. Protecting your business from malware and other cyberattacks can help maintain consumer trust and keep your operations running smoothly.

Technology doesn’t have to be expensive to improve your business prospects. When deciding what works best for your company, always consider the big picture and ask the right questions.

Can you broaden your payment options? Also can you generate more leads through social media?

Can AI help you better analyze your marketing efforts? These changes might require an investment upfront, but they could save you exponentially more money down the line.

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