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A Beginner’s guide to Affiliate Marketing


How smart are you in making money even at sleep? If you’re the type that craves ways of making legitimate money online, Beginner’s guide to Affiliate Marketing is for you.

It is no Hear-say that COVID-19 has given us the perfect time to acquire a new skill and launch a fresh career.

Apparently, the new normal has made government and businesses increase their investment in digital skills development to ensure that youths can explore online money making and employment opportunities.

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On this note, permit me to introduce or reintroduce guide to affiliate marketing to your noble perception. Affiliate marketing is simply put, one of the quick-witted means of earning money online.

It is a practice of recommending a company’s products or services to prospective customers, generating a sale and earning a commission in return.

Short history of Affiliate Marketing ( A beginner’s guide to Affiliate Marketing)

Of course, for every working and existing invention, there has to be an origin. The concept of affiliate marketing on the Internet was envisioned, put into practice and patented by William J. Tobin. He founded PC flowers and gifts.

In 1989,PC Flowers and gifts developed the business strategy of paying a commission on sales to the prodigy network, an agency they engaged to promote their products.

Amazon then came afterwards, arriving in 1996 with their associates program. Although, not the first to invent the affiliate program, they were the first to captivate global interest.

Their model involved paying a commission as a percentage of the sold product and this became the model for many affiliate networks that followed.

Four Components of Affiliate Marketing

There are four germane components of affiliate marketing. Without any of these four equitably meaningful parts, affiliate marketing would not represent what it does presently;


This signifies a creator, producer, seller or company. This is the party that offers a service or sells a product.

The merchants collaborate with a second party who will promote the products or services and they are ones that make decision about the value of the commission.


Affiliates are the individuals that promote the merchant’s services or products and earn money from the people who will use their links for online purchase.

An affiliate is paid accordingly, in relation to his or her own marketing efforts. He creates a website that tracks and record the the rate of interested audience or leads.


The customers in this system are of no difference to the customers in any other kind of marketing. Customers, as well-known are people who use products or services in order to meet their immediate needs.

Without customers, there will be no commissions and without commissions. there would be no such thing as affiliate marketing scheme. It is what make the whole system go round.


The network is the intermediary between the merchants and the affiliates. The network is a digital platform that requires both the merchant and the affiliate to be involved in it.

Occasionally, there has to be the involvement of affiliate network before an affiliate could be engaged to promote a product or service.

The network does not only manage a lot of parts in affiliate marketing system such as commission accountability, tracking reports and so on, but it also serves as a database of lots of products.

Affiliate Marketing Tips

Tips are the compass that guides and shapes our steps. They are the clues to reach great height and our comfort when we sometimes falter.

Below are few tips to Affiliate marketing success.


How much extra income you would be able to earn from affiliate marketing depends largely on the level of your meticulous and relatable content creation. For every communication content you put forward, there would have to be informational and transactional calls to action.

Your content should focus on your readers needs, answer their questions and provide them with detailed information in much accessible and engaging layout.


For every success milestone you embark on, you need to keep a track of what is working and what has worked for you in the past.

Be intentional with your success plan, use your visitors analytics to learn more about their interests. What percentages are new in relation to the returning visitors.

What pages are visited most before generating a conversion. Where is the converting audience coming from and what links in your navigation bar get most clicks.

Use these and many more analytical questions to get answers necessary to improve and add actions.


You are definitely familiar with the common saying “you cannot give what you don’t have”. This implies that you need to have an in- depth knowledge of what you are offering your audience to buy.


Create an interactive and engaging platform for your visiting audiences to keep them glued to your website.
The more your audience visit to observe your site as a clique of compatible people, the frequent they return.


Do not be too obsessed with sales and transactions, give values to your visitors. Offer them useful and quality information.

This will keep them coming back and thus rank your site well amongst your competitors in the niche.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing in 5 Steps

Affiliate marketing is a performance – based online marketing scheme that pays content creators for promoting a product or service.

Below are the 5 steps involved in starting from scratch as an affiliate marketer.

Step 1; Find a niche.

Find a Niche

This is about acquiring all it takes to be an authority in a certain field. Being an expert makes people be able to entrust you with their money and choice of buying whatever you recommend.

Step 2; Search and join affiliate programs.

This part is very essential in monetizing your content. Make sure you join the affiliate program within your chosen niche.

Surf through various affiliate platforms and software to make finding the right affiliate program.

Step 3; Start a website

How to create your own blog or website in minutes

Use website builders such as WordPress or Wix to create a website with an already made theme. Then, purchase a domain name and hosting services.

After which you can connect to your domain to WordPress or Wix. This then makes your website active on the Internet.

Set up a business email and create an “About Us” page to make you accessible to customers when they have questions.

Step 4; Create engaging contents

Audiences are so much keen about appealing and exciting contents. Enrich your content with details such as; Product reviews, which assist or compel audience to make buying decision, FAQ related to your audience to calm their confusion.

Step 5 ; Promote your content

Reasons for contents marketing

This is the actual online money making step in affiliate marketing. After creating your content and must have signed up for affiliate program.

Then you can start sending offers to your audience and prospects. Put your resources into this stage enormously.

The more your tenacity, the much money you make as an affiliate. Don’t burn your opportunities for temporary comfort.

The above article is the ultimate guide to affiliate marketing, hope you enjoy reading it. You can also drop your comment incase you have any contribution to the ultimate guide to affiliate marketing.

Work smart, Earn big.

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