Being a while an erotic story on the blog


Being a while an erotic story on the blog

“It’s been so long since we’ve made love,” I mutter to myself, standing naked in my fiance’s bathroom, staring into the mirror. For once, I find myself beautiful.
My hair is a dirty mess after going to a reggae festival and amping there for a week, but it looks good. The black dye is fading, the red has already faded to a bleached orange, and my brown roots are growing out. Natural. I have no make-up on, and my face is clear of any acne, for once. No bags under my clear blue-grey eyes, which surprises me.
I smile softly, and take a slow breath, inhaling and exhaling before walking out of the bathroom. He’s laying in his bed, the most comfortable one I’ve ever been in, snoring softly. I walk over to his bed, lift the covers, and get in, pressing my nude body to his, moving up to put my lips at his ear.
“Sean,” I whisper, then lick his ear softly, nibbling at the lobe. He moans a little, starting to wake up. I trail a few kisses down his neck, biting and sucking on it. He groans, pulling me on top of him to straddle his lap. His manhood throbs against my netherlips, and I lean down to kiss him lovingly. His strong, calloused hands rest on my hips, and he kisses me back, his tongue caressing mine in search of pleasure. I take his tongue into my mouth and suck it gently for a moment, making him thrust up a little, his thick nine inch cock rubbing against my pussy, which has become very wet.
“I want you,” he groans, moving one of his hands to my private parts, slipping two fingers between my lower lips to rub my clit. I squeal softly, my legs tightening around his hips.
“Th-then take me,” I stutter, and he quickly rolls us over to be on top, his hands sliding up my body to knead my 36D breasts, my pinkish-brown nipples becoming erect. He leans down and takes one in his mouth, and I shiver, mewling softly. He sucks it until it almost hurts, but still feels good, then moves his lips across to the other, doing the same. I watch my fiance’s hands move up to my shoulders, following my arms, until he gently pins my wrists over my head with one hand, using his other to line up his manhood to my awaiting honeypot.
“I love you,” I whisper, feeling tears come to my eyes, caused by all the passion and love I feel for him. A tear escapes, and he kisses it away, licking his lips. He kisses me softly, and tells me he loves me more than anything. We both make sounds of pleasure as he slowly pushes inside me, his member stretching me in a most delightful way.
His hands go on either side of my head to hold him up as he thrusts slowly, and my arms wrap around his neck. We look into each other’s eyes as we make love, my legs wrapped tightly around his perfect waist. I glance down occasionally to watch his cock push in and out, gleaming with my juices.
“Oh god, you’re so perfect,” I moan, pulling his face to mine to kiss him almost desperately, feeling myself near climax. He groans, thrusting faster now, and my nails dig into his back. His moans and groans gets louder and faster, and I shiver.
“I’m gonna cum….ohgodseaniloveyou,” I squeal as my pussy walls tighten around his thrusting cock, and I climax hard. He’s only a few seconds behind, and I feel him spurt ropes of cum inside me, filling me up. We stay like that for a moment, and he leans down to kiss me.
“I love you, too,” he murmurs, eskimo kissing me before getting up to rinse his face in the bathroom, cooling down. I smile softly, curling up under the covers and feeling myself sink into a blissful sleep as I hear his words echo in my head.
“I love you, too.”
By: Sissy_Myers

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