Tips for Choosing a Great Domain Name

Best Tips to Choose a Great Domain Name

Choosing a great domain name for your site is important absolutely. Your domain name is requires hours, days and even weeks of ideas and planning.

It’s no exaggeration in saying that, in some cases making the wrong choice may break a business.

Choosing a domain name is something every site owner needs to make sure they get right and this should happen before they do anything else. In this article we shall look into 10 tips to choose a great domain name.

 Best Tips to Choose a Great Domain Name  

 Tip #1:

Always use your business name as your domain name. Your visitors or readers should only have one name to remember your business – be it your domain or your business name.

Tip #2:

Your domain name needs to be short and/or very easy to remember. 67 characters is the limit.

Domain names that are simple and short to remember names make it less difficult for your readers/visitors frequently.

Tip #3:

Try using keywords

Try using keywords. Use keywords that describe your brand and services.

For instance if you are a tech blogger, you might like to register or

It helps to increase your rank on search engine machines which in return increases your traffic. It also makes more sense to your visitors or readers.

Tip #4:

Aside of registering a domain using your business name, you should register another domain name that is much related to your business sector:

For instance, register and register You can point both domain names to a similar site. Use much known keywords when you do this. 

Tip #5:


If you have a domain name that can be easily misspelled, you should likewise register the misspelled domain name. For example, the register .  

For what reason would you need to do this? Quite simple, your visitor or reader will still get to you when they incorrectly spelled your domain name.

Tip #6:

If you have to use abbreviations, only use those that make sense and/or easy to remember. For instance, rather than using, it might be easier to use 

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Tip #7:

Uses of hyphenated domain names should be avoided. The good thing about hyphenated domain names is that it is very easier to spot when printed.

For instance: is very easier to read as compared to

The drawback is when the domain name is verbally communicated. To really ensure the person you talk to get to your site, you have to pronounce it like “www dot name hyphen checkers hyphen association hyphen of hyphen naija dot com” as compared to pronouncing it “www dot name checkers association of naija dot com”. It is such a pain. 

Tip #8:

Avoid using “for” or “to” in your site domain name. It can be confusing as your readers or visitors may rather type “4” or “2” instead.

Tip #9:

avoid using numbers in your domain name

Try to avoid using numbers in your domain name. Just to Tip #6, your readers or visitors may type in the number in full rather than using the numeric key.

For example your visitors may type

Tip #10:

In addition to Tip #2 above, try to avoid using more than 4 words in your domain name. For instance, avoid

It is both difficult to type and remember. Having said so, it is increasing difficult to purchase short domain names. 

Thanks for reading this post on tips for a great domain name. If you have any tips on how to register a great domain name feel free to share with us in the comment box.

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