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Five creative ways you can make money online

Whether you are a full-time employee, a freelancer, a university student, a stay at home mom or a job-seeker, there are numerous ways to earn money online. Below are five creative ways to make money online.

Five creative ways you can make money online

#1. Affiliate program

There are numerous creative ways to make money online. The first and most well-known among them is affiliate program.

It simply implies that you recommend individuals to register from your own link and you will get a commission after that. Many people make money online using this model with famous sites like

Affiliate program

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#2. Software Development

Software is obviously involved when it comes to the online world. The idea is quite simple. You develop software that makes people more profitable or easier to do their online activities.

Many blog contents could be written about various betting and gambling software. However, I analyze the idea of earning money from online entertainment.

Once you develop your software you can offer it for sell or subscription for many clients with no further work. You can monetize your software in many different ways like advertisement in social media or Google Ads.

#3. Online Gaming

Do you know that you can make some extra money online by just playing online game? Yes, earning money online is more fun now than ever before. In the event that that you have experience or love playing game online, then you need to consider playing online games and get paid to do so. You don’t necessarily have to buy Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo or any other gaming device to get paid on the market. All what it requires of you is having a computer, internet connection and start playing online games in sites like You can do this at the comfort of your home.

Before playing, there are some important things that you should check before choosing an Online Casino:

  1. Security and safety: Online casino operator is required to keep his personal information secure and safe when using their sites.
  2. Bonus and Promotion: Players are offered a sign-up bonus to persuade them to open an account.
  3. Games: There should be a wide range of games to choose from including the ones you’ve never dare to play before.
  4. Payment: Player need to be sure before signing up that it meets deposit and withdrawer needs.

#4. Write an Ebook

Just like software development, this is also among the creative ways to make money from is by writing. The idea here is that once you write an eBook, you can sell it to individuals with no any other extra work.

Though it might take a while before you can have an eye-catching eBook, it is worth giving it a shot on the long run. You can sell your eBook in sites like

 #5.  Selling Stuffs Online

Online marketplace opened doors for both buyers and sellers to conduct and interact business. In the event that you consider selling stuff online to earn money at home with no or little investment. Selling on sites like is the best option for you in the sense that there are numerous advantages which include:

  1. Low cost: You can start with no fee if you sell stuff you own already. Your expenses only come after you made a sale and being paid.
  2. Very fast: You can make an auction today and get paid for your stuff within a week.
  3. Ready stream of buyers: There are more than 160 million of active users on eBay for business transaction.

The aforementioned are five creative ways you can make money online. Thanks for reading and feel free to drop your comment in case any.

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  1. A friend of mine just started playing games as a hobby, and now he makes money out of it! It’s amazing, really. Anyways, thanks for this list. Great points you have there! 🙂

  2. Nice tips! These are good ways to make money online. Playing online game is one of the best ways to make some extra money. Thanks for sharing this great content.

  3. i don’t usually write posts or comments on articles but your blog was so convincing and is written with such diligence i had to praise. great work !

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