How to make money without investing a dime


For a lot of people, working online seems to be a myth and sometimes virtually impossible. Some others may agree that working online can be done but may doubt the possibility of making money without investing a dime.

The latter believe that in order to earn a lot you need to invest a lot of money. Sounds logical, right?

Well, in this post I’ll show you that it is very possible to earn money without investing a dime. All you need is the right effort, dedication and perseverance to achieve the financial goals you so desire.

How can one think it is not possible to earn money online if it is known as the most used medium?. A medium through which people from all over the world to connect and communicate with one another.

The answer is quite simple, misinformation. Not everyone knows this. By the time you’re done reading this blog, you’ll find out that the power to financial freedom is right in your hands if you use it well.

Like I mentioned earlier, perseverance is key. When you’re resilient with these platforms I’m about to show you. You’ll gradually see progress and the financial goals you’ll be able to attain in the long-run.

In case you need money urgently, I recommend you look for something else at the moment while doing this as these platforms take time. Because if you’re learning in a rush, you’ll only get stressed and frustrated which will not help you.

In the next section, you’ll find the six points I’ve highlighted in which you can make money without investing a dime. Let’s have a look. 


Youtube video Marketing

Have you ever thought of why so many people upload their videos on YouTube? Most of them make good money on this platform.

As insignificant as it looks, when you post a video that goes viral, you can generate funds monthly. The more views, likes, and subscriptions on your videos, the more your chances of earning a very good amount of money at the end of the day.

YouTube pays you for the advertising they place in your videos. So here’s how it works; sign up and ensure you meet the minimum requirements. Then also do well to request to monetize your video.

This does not require much. You don’t have to pay to subscribe on YouTube. The only seeming challenge might be generating followers and visitors to your videos.

This would mean that the success or failure of your account all depends on you. Because you have to learn to get and maintain the attention of the public.

As long as you upload meaningful content and drive the right amount of traffic to your videos, your chances of earning will always top the charts. From the above mentioned you can make money on YouTube without investing a dime.


Google adsense approval

Another option could be to write a blog with many interesting topics and also generate many visits to it. Once your blog has a few daily visits, you can go ahead to request platforms with Adsense to place advertising in order to start generating money.

Before that, I would advise that you check the quality of your blogs. Also ensure that all parts are oriented in web positioning (SEO). This also does not require money from you.

All you need is to create a blog. It is not necessary that you buy a domain, much less a server; though if you had your server and domain, it would be much better but it still isn’t entirely a must.


If you don’t fancy creating a website or blog and then placing it on Adsense for advertising, how about selling Amazon products?

Basically, the platform Amazon allows you to create an account as an affiliate. By being an affiliate on the site, you basically give them the platform to advertise the products they sell on your account.

So, every sale that is made through your site, you get a percentage of what is generated. How interesting is that? It’s quite similar to how YouTube works.

You don’t need a domain nor a server to get started but investing your money in this wouldn’t really be a bad idea.


YouTube PPC ads

If you already have a good number of visits on your site you can decide to sell direct advertising to some interested businesses or websites. You could do so with a banner, post or even an agreement in which they arrive.

One good example could be to create a blog that has a target towards the local public. By establishing a good relationship with your audience in terms of approach to business and the information you offer with respect to your influence, you can logically present an advertising plan for your site as well as other social networks.

Also, you can go ahead with what is commonly called “stealing customers from Google”. This would mean checking out new stuff that Google announces and going to them and offering your website as a platform to promote them directly.


Perhaps you’re not interested in placing a banner and would prefer another means of earning money, I would recommend you sell links. It’s quite simple and straightforward.

Just place the link of another site that’s in the same niche of your posts. This web positioning technique is done in order for Google to value your site positively because a site with authority is linking it.



Freelancing sites like or have a section in which you can publish your gigs ( that is, your services) so that whoever needs it can contact you directly.

Also, the client is able to publish his or her requirements and you can send in a proposal offering your services. Some of the services that you can offer could be digital services such as writing, SEO, web design, graphics and design, digital marketing and so many others.

On a final note, I believe it’s now safe to say that earning online is possible and can make money without investing a dime. I can also say of a truth that if you would work on using these 6 platforms above, you would see yourself rise above your limitations.

You don’t have to invest your money but your time and effort. It’s not always about the money; most times it’s more about the information you have and how you can maximize it to your benefit.

Without more to ask, I can only say goodbye and wish you great success. If you have more suggestions on other platforms that may be of help, kindly comment below as your contribution is greatly appreciated. Until next time!




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