Failed content evaluation tips

8 Easy Ways To Evaluate Failed Content

Failed content evaluation tips: So you have done your research very well and put together what you feel and think is a quality piece of content. You have included it in your direct emails, had initial interest and you have driven it out on social, however the content has basically failed since then.

Nobody is visiting the content organically and nobody is linking back to it or sharing it. Obviously, something must have been done wrong, don’t blame the system it’s all your blame, now get over it and then let’s go back to work

Gratefully organic search and content marketing are not static mediums and you are not bound to page 2 of Google search forever. There are failed content evaluation strategies that you can use to save that content and give it the attention and ranking it so richly merits.

So how would you transform a failed into win content? Utilize our guide on failed content evaluation analysis below.

Failed content evaluation tips


Probably the most simple failed content evaluation tip on the rundown and should be your go-to as your benchmark. Do a basic google search with a keyword that you think your content is going to service.

Take each and every link that sits over your content in the rankings and place them into a spreadsheet and start reviewing them one after the other.

This activity should calm you down and give you an idea of what unrivaled content is. Since you know where the bar is you have a decision. You can either choose it’s not worth the effort and surrender right now or raise current standards and seek after that number one spot.



Content comes in all sizes and shapes and can be successful even in short form however this is the special case, not the rule. The general rule is long-form, works best and don’t give individuals a chance to disclose to you any extraordinary size does make a difference.

Review your competitors and see to what extent and in-depth their competing content is and afterward just make yours longer. This does not mean padding the point you are trying to make and stuffing it with repeated paragraphs, which will simply put off readers.

What I mean by length is give your personal opinion on a topic, add more quotes, using extra sources, get industry insight and personalize your content by offering something your competitor does not have that user will find valuable.

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Like what I said in failed content evaluation tip 1 in regards to rankings, utilize that same spread-sheet you put together and compare your social engagement and that of your rivals.

What number of Facebook, Twitter, google+, Pinterest and Linkedin interactions does each post have? When you have that data you know what number of social interactions you will require to beat your competitors in the event that you have superior content.  

Similar to what I mentioned in tip 1 regarding rankings, use that same excel sheet you put together and compare your social engagement with that of your competitors.



The lion’s share of your traffic will originate from your existing readers and their network. They are the ones that willing to engage with your content and share it among their interest group.

For instance, this is a tech blog and digital marketing we show users how to market themselves on the web. That is the thing that people expect when they visit our site.

I can ensure that if that I composed a post about cat rearing I wouldn’t do very well because of my reader. I know it’s an extraordinary illustration however you get my drift.

Endeavor to adhere to your core specialty for the time being and ensure you’re an expert in one field before you start growing your content efforts.

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Among the failed content evaluation tip is your media review. Content doesn’t generally need to resemble the post I’m doing now, boring old words on a page, particularly if you have heated competition in your search area.

Dress up your content by using video, pictures, infographics, downloadable MP3’s, audio, or downloadable PDFs, test templates or samples clients can interact with.

Make alternative versions of a similar content, for instance, a tutorial video, a how-to manual or a podcast a client can save on their gadgets. Offering alternative ways to connect with your content will run far with users in making you their preferred source of information.

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Possibly you did your keyword research perhaps you didn’t.  It doesn’t really make a matter now, your content sucks and Google analytics backs the claim.

Inquiry patterns change all the time to ensure the best keywords users would likely use are available and marked up inside your content. Keyword research and placement is 50% art and 50% graft form on the off chance that you slack on either its basically not going to function as well as it should work.

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When you put the original piece together did you ever consider who your audience is? Is it for individuals undecided about your topic, want a brief introduction to the topic or undecided about your topic?

Once you choose who you need to target it will make reformatting your post a lot simpler. Much of the time, you can divide the original article into a series targeting different segments and get significantly more reach and legs out for a similar topic.

Your targeting review is likewise considered as one of the major failed content evaluation tips. Beef up or update your content at regular intervals. 

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What number of links have you built to this content both externally and internally? If your response is none then what are you standing around for?

Begin promoting your content by finding significant pages on your site that you can add a link to the failed content piece and direct some traffic its way and in addition leverage some like value.

Next, source some external links. Develop a contact list of relevant websites who might be keen on your content and begin knocking on doors. Approach publications on Linkedin it does not matter, DM bloggers on Instagram, get your foot in the door and get a link from their website.

If you find this failed content evaluation tips helpful or you know any other failed content evaluation tips feel free to let us know in the comment box. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy reading this.

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