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File Formats for Images—Does It Really Matter Which One You Use?


Image file formats: People say an image is worth a hundred words, which is why pictures are so valuable in today’s online world! Whether you are running a blog, a regular site, or an eCommerce store, images can let your site visitors know what your service is about.

Remember, nowadays online users only rely massively on pictures to assume the color, the condition, and the story of the output. You can also say that images can play with their emotions and insist on making a positive decision. 

So, it proceeds without saying that your pictures require to be high-resolution and neutral. But we often make one mistake: we use JPG instead of PNG for everything.

We didn’t have genuine knowledge here using an online JPG to PNG Converter would be a benefit. So, you got the point that File Formats for Images Matter Which One You Use! If you want to learn more, then read on! 

Basic Image File Formats: Which to use?

Today, apart from JPG and PNG there exist many image formats that you can use for your images. Yet, again the question arises which one is the most suitable for you.

Here, we have gathered some basic image file types, take a look to know their flaws and powers!

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It is a lossless image format type, considered the highest quality format for industrial work. It is the most versatile, that users can use for many purposes.

TIF does most maximum of anything you might require, from 1-bit to 48-bit color, CMYK, LAB, RGB, or Indexed color. One downside of TIF Files is Web browsers cannot show them.

That’s the reason you have to convert your TIFF files before uploading them to your website. You can use online converters just like a JPG to PNG Converter.


Another popular image file format is here! GIF (developed by CompuServe) used for video display at dial-up modem rates. GIF always utilizes lossless compression, but it is continually an indexed color file.

Yet, it is generally great for graphics. GIF does provide transparency and animation. Besides, PNG and TIF files can also control the identical indexed color mode that GIF practices. That’s why they are extra versatile. 

JPG/JPEGs File Formats

Here comes one of the widely used image file formats known as JPGs/JPEG. JPGs are excellent for photographs or mixed images carrying tons of tones, shadows, angles, or multiple patterns.

Furthermore, you can save JPGs in high-quality, low-quality, or anyplace in between. It allows users to set and save the image accurately how they want.

Apart from that, JPEGs are currently living as the most reputable file format for product images, photographs, and homepage hero banners. Sometimes JPGs do not work the same way as we desire.

They can’t evaluate quality and file size altogether. That is why PNG Format is more reasonable in this context, you can now easily convert JPG to PNG with the help of JPG to PNG converter online.

PNGs Image file formats 

Another fantastic and suggested image file type option is PNG. These formats are not only known as the king of image formats but are also a key to attract both – Google and users!

This popular file format can evaluate quality and size at a time. And provide a crisp and neutral appearance in images.

Even in Adobe Photoshop, users might have the choice to save PNGs as PNG-8 or PNG-24. Interestingly, PNGs can control transparency. These are the differentiation points among PNGs and JPEGs.

That is why we suggest you use online JPG to PNG Converter to turn JPG into PNG for a better result.

Importance: If you want to convert!

Apart from knowing about the flaws and benefits of image formats, saving images in the right format to use for a particular platform is also crucial. Suppose you have some pictures saved in JPG format.

You want them to get converted in PNG so that you can use them on your site. What would you do? That is where JPG to PNG Converter comes in handy

JPG to PNG Converter is the easiest way to turn JPG into PNG anytime. Often, we randomly save our pictures as JPG, TIF, GIF, etc. And when it comes to uploading them on the web, we get frustrated.

We can use online converters that have got us covered and saved our efforts. With a click, these JPG to PNG Converters, TIF to PNG Converter, GIF to PNG Converters, and so on can get the job done without any flaws.


Everything in this world has a secret recipe for achieving success! Likewise, selecting the appropriate image format at the right time for the right place is a golden key to progress.

So, start paying attention to this context and attract the world to your site right away with the image file formats mentioned above.


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  1. The format in which you store your images is important. For example, if you’re uploading them to Facebook or Twitter, they won’t be able to use most RAW image formats. If you’re uploading them to Flickr, they won’t display in the highest quality. And if you’re using your smartphone to take pictures, they’ll be optimized for small screens.
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