Is Your Phone Overheating? Learn How To Fix It

I saw my sister putting a sachet water on her phone while charging I was curious to ask her why, she said the phone over heat a lots. So I decided to find the ways to fix Android Devices Overheating issues. Enjoy yourself as you read on.

The most effective ways to fix Android Devices Overheating issues: Here is the rundown of common reasons and best solutions that can battle overheating on your Android device. If you take care and fix Android Devices Overheating issues that causes over heating of your Android gadget. It will avoid that cause and will evade harm caused by it.

Android is the device where we continue performing lots of tasks and due to multi-tasking, some of the time Android gets overheated. Overclocking the CPU speed much can bring about overheating your gadget and furthermore this process can even harm your processor permanently. So it’s better to know about the things that cause your Android to overheat and to defeat this.

Ways to fix Android Devices Overheating issues

Observe every reason that can cause the overheating of your Android then you can fix Android Devices Overheating issues and avoid the harm to your gadget. So take a look at all possible reasons.


#1 Use Original Charger

Have you at any point read the manual that comes with your smart-phone? Each telephone manufacturing company always specified that don’t use fake or duplicate chargers since it might harm your phone’s battery. The battery is the major reason behind why our phone overheats. In this manner make sure to utilize the original charger that accompanies your phone.

original charger

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#2 Charging Phone Properly

You should make sure to use the original charger and ensure you don’t charge your gadget for a really long time in the daytime head. Simply charge to 70 or 80% during the day and full charge the gadget during the night. This will not only fix Android Devices Overheating issues but also extend your battery life span.

phone battery tips

#3 Check Your Wifi

All things considered, WiFi itself doesn’t make your cell phone to overheat. In any case, it’s the apps that get activated on the background anytime your cell phone connects with a WiFi network. In this way, make sure to check all the background updates whenever your telephone connects to a WiFi network.

Hack wifi network password

#4 Turn Off The Bluetooth, GPS

Bluetooth and GPS ceaselessly search for available networks out of sight. On the off chance that you are running Android games and the Bluetooth, GPS features of your phone is on, then it can make your phone to overheat. Therefore, ensure you off the Bluetooth and GPS if you don’t really need them.

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#5 Multi-Tasking

The applications and things you carried out on your phone are the same things as in your life. They can pile up with time and again overwhelmed. If your Android is getting hot in consistent basis then there are high possibilities your telephone have an application that it can’t handle.

These days, Android phones are the best, without doubt. It gives you the abundance of features as you can watch videos, movies, listen to music, click the photos, search the web, gain knowledge and play games.

In any case, you have to look for the applications that may keep running in the background without your desire. Thus, better is to look for tasks running in the background and close all the useless applications to fix Android Devices Overheating issues.

hidden things android phone can do

#6 Don’t Overuse

All things considered, we have a habit to accuse our Android gadget for heating up. But, we neglect to check our usage habits. Our smartphones are very powerful. However they are not made for ceaseless use, unlike gaming consoles or PCs. These days, we use phones more than PCs. Our telephone doesn’t have any cooling network like we have in our PCs. Thus, we should quit overusing our Android device.

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#7 Heavy streaming

Watching movies and videos is another fact that may make your phone overheats. Usually we spend most of our time watching films in our Android gadget while traveling. This requires more work from your telephone processor which expends the power as well as overheats.

Particularly in the situation when we need a clearer picture like a High definition, we combine the load of data connection with the load of playing video over the long period of time that cause our phones to overheat.

#8 Heavy gaming

Your Android play store gives you the varieties of entertaining games and applications are developed and discovered each day. Some of the applications and games consume more processing power than others depending upon the complexity of the application and when you combine these two, at that point they begin heating up.

Games these days not just require high RAM and better processor it likewise needs the data connection. That is another significant reason behind why our telephone overheats while playing games. In this manner, if you need to play heavy games on your Android ensure you have cleared the background tasks. This will fix Android Devices Overheating issues.

Heavy game

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#9 Clean your phone Junk files

You should need to clean all the junk documents, caches and cookies, these garbage files may hurt your CPU and Ram which prompts overheating.


#10 Damaged Battery

The primary fact if your telephone is getting hot then it is probably that your battery is old or failing. You should replace it on time. if you bought it for less than a year, at that point you should do free battery replacement by claiming the warranty .

You can carry out the battery from your android phone to check whether it’s swollen, twisted or expanded. And if it doesn’t fit in the space given on your telephone, then it is defective and should be replaced.

How to have a long lasting Smartphone battery: Akeentech Blog.

#11 Proper Ventilation Of Android Device

We should have a daily life example when you are strolling in the cold region and the cold breeze is blowing and you didn’t have gloves to wear, at that point you put you usually your hands in the pocket to get warm.

Likewise, every cell phone requires some ventilation. If your telephone appears overheating when it is in your pocket, then carry out from your pocket and let it have some ventilation. Keep it in your nice comfortable pockets with the goal that it can breathe a little bit and gets cool.

#12 Water Damage

Normally, every one of us listens to songs while washing or taking bath. Overheating and power issues happen mostly with water involvement. Find the LDI (Liquid Damage Indicator) sticker on your telephone to ensure that your telephone isn’t encountering any issue related to liquid damage or moisture.

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#13 Avoid Plastic and Leather Case

Well, if you are confronting overheating issue soon after putting up a new case, at that point you should take a look at the material used in the case. Insulator material like leather or plastic can keep the heat inside and cool outside which prompts overheating.

In this case, if you feel that your Phone’s case might be the reason behind this overheating, and then you have to remove the case of the telephone and use it to check whether despite everything you are able to fix Android Devices Overheating issues or not.

#14 Give Your Android A Break

Consider the instance of human body, our body needs rest after bunches of work done in a day. Same thing in the case of your cell phone. Have you kept your telephone to rest for few moments? Does your telephone stays on continuously and plugged your charger throughout the night?

It too needs the brief period to take rest. Thus, restarting the gadget not just makes your Android phone to work more productive. It will likewise fix Android Devices Overheating issues and also extend your battery life.

#15 Outdated Softwares

Obsolete and outdated software isn’t considered as the principle factor for overheating your phone. However, updated software helps your phone works faster and smoother which decreases strain on your telephone and will help in keeping up its temperature.

#16 Do Not Cover Your Android Phone

Quit using covers with your smartphone particularly in dry season or summer since it can be a reason to overheating your telephone.

#17 Using Android Apps to fix Android Devices Overheating issues

# Cooling Master-Phone Cooler

It is the expert temperature controlling and monitoring application that detects and closes heavy resource consuming applications to decrease CPU usage and lower telephone temperature.

It has Real-time temperature dynamic and monitoring overheating detection that will enable you to maintain your telephone’s temperature to a normal level. You can also use the app like:

# Device Cooler Heat Minimizer

#Cooling Master

# Coolify


If you follow the aforementioned ways to fix Android Devices Overheating issues, your phone won’t develop any overheating problem. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy reading it, feel free to drop your comment in case any.



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