rules of writing awesome copy

Four golden rules of writing awesome copy

Writing awesome copy: To hell with SEO copywriting and keyword research. There used to be a period when each guru instructed you to do keyword research before making your articles.

Find out precisely what your audience or reader of types in the Google search bar and develop your article around those keywords. I don’t believe in that any longer.

I believe that if you realize what your targeted audience needs to read about. You know your stuff with regards to the niche, you’ll compose SEO friendly copy anyway.

Forget about SEO copywriting and keyword research. Seriously.

Four golden rules of writing awesome copy.

#1. Be clear

This is the first rule of writing awesome copy. Individuals these days have the attention span of a goldfish.

So you have to grab them by the curlies and short right away. The best way to do this is to be clear about what they can anticipate from your content.

The brilliant rule is not to make them think. People will leave your blog in the event that they need to make an effort.

Everything on your blog (not only the copy of your articles) ought to be clear. Visitors should instantly know what’s in store and what to expect.

This goes for links, navigation, Headlines, sub-headlines and everything.

Try not to put a bunch of fluff on your blog. Get to the heart of the matter.

If you get your readers bored or repel them in any capacity. They will leave and you will lose a lot of money.


#2.Be concise

You ought to have the mind of a minimalist with regards to blogging. Keep your sentences short. Simple to digest and to the point.

This likewise includes you format your blog articles into bite size chunks. With subheadings and bulleted rundowns. Conciseness is also one of the golden rules of writing awesome copy.

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 #3. Be original

This one is presumably the hardest. Writing awesome copy you need to get in your readers’ head. Find out what makes them glad. What makes them sad or mad?

What they stress over and what they worry about. Stuff like that way.If you can take advantage of the human feelings of your readers, you are golden.

Throw in a few jokes, engage, entertain, wind them up however keep it focused. Find out what works for you and what doesn’t.

Ask them as to whether you need to. No shame in doing that, make them to feel very important. Nothing is more important in writing awesome copy than being original.

In the event that you fail to give your audience what they need, they will leave your blog.


#4. Be unique

No one want to reads the following “Best 10 Things To Do In Russia”. Fuck those sites.

There are a large number of those and they’re all boring. We have Lonely Planet and TripAdvisor for that.

Beyond any doubt you can write useful articles, however for God’s sake spice it up a bit. Informative doesn’t equivalent to boring. Keep it sexy a little.

What about that astonishing night in that nearby bar, where you met the head of a mountain clan. Also, after a few beverages he offered to go to his place where he had a makeshift shooting range.

What’s more, you spent the entire night drinking moonshine and playing with firearms?

Now that is a story I would like to read! You get the point anyway. Thanks for reading this “golden rules of writing awesome copy”. Feel free to drop your comment in case any.





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