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How to get free unlimited internet data with dent app

Get free unlimited internet data: Are you stranded and need to get something free to access the internet with the speed of light? You can drop your comment at the end of this post in case you have any issue.

Opt in for the normal data plans every day, every weeks and every months can be very expensive and can not be affordable for the ones who doesn’t have money to purchase . In fact, it is not pocket-friendly. However, you need to get alternatives to always backup your usual data plan, which are obviously the free or cheap offers.

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Free unlimited Internet Data Offer for PC, Android, IPhone in 2018 article is here to  favor you. Follow the easy steps bellow to:

Get free unlimited internet data 

Steps to get free unlimited internet data;

1. Click on this link HERE to download the dent app on Google play store

2. Download the dent App

3. Once downloaded, install the dent app and run the dent app

4. You have to register (sign up) – you can use your email or Facebook address

Click on the menu at the top of the app where the arrow pointed to register; See the image bellow

Dent app


5. You also need to include your phone number during this process. The phone number should start with the country code of the country you are. eg +23466767667.

6. You will then get a verification code to that phone number. Enter it to get your account verified

7. Once you are done, you automatically get 50 dents ) this can be used to purchase airtime, but my advice is get more dents for bigger purchase. For  instance you can get Glo 1GB with 80 dents – so if you register and invite two people you have 2GB Glo data).

8. Share your link and if those to register are confused you can direct them to me.



#1 Step. copy your original link and paste it somewhere you can easily use it

#2 Step. logout from your original account

#3 Step. Click on the link same saved link and it will lead you to a new joining process.. Click join and input the new numbers
you have…

#4 Step. Use the new Dent on the new account to buy the data before logging out

Don’t bother to check on the original cos the referral bonus is certain as long as you use the link to add other new numbers

“Repeat as many Sim as you wish to get free unlimited internet data “

NOTE :: As you Try to accumulate please do not move to and fro the first account otherwise you will be locked out for a while… Just know that as you are registering new numbers using the same original link your referral bonus is very sure.

Another way to hack the Dent app to accumulate unlimited dent’s points.

You can use App cloner or multi-account

Get two dent’s apps on your device, you can clone on of them with multi-account or app cloner.

Now you clear data & cache of the original dent app

Register one with your number you are gonna use to accumulate the dent’s.

Next after logging in copy the  referral link in the cloned dent app and open it with chrome browser or any browser.

This will automatically redirect you to play store and the app will open original dent app.

Now click register and fill in your details, you will be granted 50 dents, just start referring different numbers yourself.

You can register a number twice by just put
+234802…. &.. +234082….. The same number but the 0 digit difference, to help increase your dent app accumulation

Thanks for reading this post ( How to get free unlimited internet data) and feel free to drop your comment in case any.

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