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Top Ten Facebook Hidden Features – You surely not aware

Hidden Facebook features: Facebook is a company who is continually experimenting and including new features.
Whether it’s introducing enormous changes for example replacing your wall with timeline or small changes like changing the icon of setting tabs.
And keeping in mind that most of the times you become acquainted with updated features easily. Even sometimes the most frequent users miss some of these update as there is no official site or blog to introduce any such features.
That is the reason we have assembled a rundown of 10 hidden Facebook features which you presumably have missed. Some of these are extremely useful and can change the way you use Facebook.
Others are simply fun and enjoyable to use. You can turn into the popular child among your peers by flaunting about your knowledge.
Don’t wait any more here are…

Top Ten Hidden Facebook features

How about we start with first one…

#1. Use messenger without Facebook

Facebook messenger is one of best messaging applications presently and it offers bunches of fun features. However, you will need a Facebook account to use it, isn’t that so? You’re wrong!
You can utilize the messenger like any other apps with your mobile number. Simply download the application, open it and click on “Not on Facebook” option and you can join using your telephone number from that point.

#2. Unfollow

Follow and Unfollow

In some cases I want to squash my phone since some of my friends post so idiotic things that it feels like they ought to be kicked out of this world. Be that as it may, unfortunately, you can’t even unfriend them since you need to take help sometimes.
In this extreme circumstance, we got the ideal solution for you. Rather than unfriending them, you can Unfollow them.
So you don’t unfriend them yet you likewise spare your head from getting to the boiling point. However, you maintaining a strategic distance from their posts.
To Unfollow somebody, go to their profile> tap on the ‘Following’ button> select unfollow.

#3. Save replies

For page managers, it’s a very difficult process to answer a similar question over and over to various individuals who contact your page. It’s too much time consuming as well as frustrating too.
However, now, you can spare some definite answers and send them at whatever point a client asks a similar question for like 1034th time.
For saving a message layout, go to Messages> manage replies> create a reply to create a reply and save a reply. Now at whatever point you feel like sending the saved reply, open messages> tap on the conversation and pick saved replies.
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#4. Pay via Facebook
So your child ignored your recommendation of taking extra money on the road trip and now he is stuck with no cash? Indeed, we have a solution.
Now you can send money to anybody via Facebook. The feature right now only allows paying by means Debit Card.
Additionally, you can send only up to $10,000 per month which is enough as I would see it. For sending money to anybody, go to Settings> Payments.

#5. Custom list for sharing posts

Now and again you really need to share something on Facebook however don’t want some exceptional people from your friend list to see it. Like hiding the “in a relationship” post with your boyfriend’s sibling:-
Indeed, now you can do it. Whenever you post an update, tap on the share with everyone/friends option and select ‘Custom”. Now include every one of the individuals who you would prefer not to share this post to by placing them into ‘don’t share this to’ box. Cool, would it say it isn’t?

#6. Send files

You are Still using emails to share/send files/documents with each other, well don’t. Now you can share any file directly from Facebook. You can send files like Rar, Pdf, Zip etc.
For sending a file/document, open the conversation with that friend and click on the attach option (looks like a safety pin). You then select the file you want to send to him.

Send files

#7. Log out from other devices

How frequently does it happens that you sign into your Facebook account on a friend’s PC and after that neglect to log out? At that point you spend hours freezing about what those mongrels would do with your account.
Now you don’t need to stress. If you have forgotten to sign out from some other gadget or you believe that another person is using your account, go to settings> general>active sessions.
Here you will find all the gadgets you are signed in from. You can likewise know when you signed in from that device. You can likewise log out from any mobile or computer by ending specific session.

#8. Save posts

I am somewhat individual who starts using Facebook even when I have five free minutes, and from time to time, I encounter a post which is intriguing to read however is too long to be read in that brief span.
And after that I regret it especially in light of the fact that that post gets lost later in the flood of posts and it’s relatively difficult to find it later. Thanks to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, now I can save any posts which I find sufficiently interesting and see it anytime I have enough time.
For saving a post, tap on the expand option and then select save. You can access every saved post from the left side menu. Anyway don’t be like me, I saved like 1000 posts or so and now I struggle to find the post I need to use among them.

#9. Call a Uber

This is extremely a fun addition from Facebook. They are trying to make messenger an across the board app and these hidden Facebook features are the proof of how far they have gone.
You can really call to get a Uber Cab from Facebook’s messenger application. For doing as such, open any conversation, tap on the more icon and select the ‘transportation’ option.

Call a Uber

#10. Hidden Inbox

Keeping in mind, in order to ensure that you receive all your important and essential messages, Facebook has divided your inbox into two sections.
The first is the primary inbox, where you receive messages from your friends and other important pages/people and you additionally get notified at whatever point you get messages in this inbox.
Be that as it may, there is a second inbox, where you receive messages from individuals who are totally unrelated to you like somebody who isn’t your friend.
How helpful this feature is, is a state of open debate in light of the fact that occasionally a few friends who have yet not added you on Facebook try to get in touch with you yet get unnoticed because of this feature.
You can look at your “filtered messages” as Facebook likes to call it by going into messages > filtered messages.
Hope you enjoy this blog post and now know few hidden Facebook features… Maybe be you are aware of few of them but surely this post added more in your list. Thanks for reading and feel free to drop your comment in case any.

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