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Things You Didn’t Know Your Android Phone Could Do

There so many cool hidden things android phone can do that you probably don’t even know. You can adeptly make calls, download apps, check emails, send text messages, change settings, and everything in between.

Of course, having the right know-how to get things done on your android smartphone will make you feel like a confirmed master. However, there are still hidden Android phone tricks that might surprise you. Here are ten hidden things Android phone can do you probably don’t know.

10 hidden things Android phone can do

  1. Avert Premature Loading

We cherish tabbed browsing. What we don’t love is the point at which we don’t need the info in every one of the tabs you have open. However they preload anyway, which can do some decidedly not great things to your data plan.

One of the hidden things android phone can do is to prevent premature loading, how to go about it.  Limit Chrome so it preloads sites just when it’s connected with Wi-Fi: Go into its Settings menu (open by clicking the three dots alongside the address bar of a loaded website page) and choosing Bandwidth Management. From that point, uncheck the box close to preload webpages to keep them from loading on their own.

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  1. Turn into a Hard Drive

Need to transfer a couple of files? Your Android telephone can serve as a portable hard drive. Connect your telephone to your PC using your USB data cable (a similar one you use to charge it consistently). The phone will inquire as to whether you need to enable it as a USB storage device. Say yes, and it will appear on your desktop area simply like some other hard drive, prepared to hold any files you have to transport somewhere else.

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hidden things android phone can do

  1. Map it Out

Because you’re traveling some place without cell phone service doesn’t mean you can’t have Google Maps to direct. Before you take off, pull up the territory where you’re probably going to go offline up in Maps. And then after that type “Okay Maps” into the page’s search window. Maps will download that specific bit of the map, making it available even in places where Wi-Fi and cell and Wi-Fi service are MIA.

hidden things android phone can do MAP

  1. Watch Your Data

Keep away from overage expenses on your data plan by checking the amount you use consistently. Go into Settings and afterward Data Usage to see not just a breakdown of how much data you’ve utilized, yet in addition what applications are the greatest guilty parties.

In the event that you end up cutting it close a seemingly endless amount of time, you can set an alarm to disclose to you when you’re drawing near your limit as far as possible—or program your telephone to quit using cell data out and out when you’ve hit your monthly cap. When you talk of the hidden things android phone can do, you need to know this to save your data.


  1. Add Words to Your Dictionary

Tired of writing in each letter of your odd cousin’s name or your group’s inside-joke slang terms each time you send a message? What are the hidden things android can do in this case? Teach your cell phone new words by long pressing on any word to add it to your own dictionary. When next you go to type it in, your telephone will suggest the word after a couple of letters, sparing your fingers a little bit of time.

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  1. Send Your Ex Straight to Voicemail

We’ve all got a couple of individuals we’d rather not converse with. As opposed to manually screening each call, set-up your telephone to do the filthy work for you. Load up the culprit’s contact card, click Edit, and afterward scroll down to Additional Info. Select “Send straight to voice-mail” from the rundown to have each subsequent call from that individual bypasses your ringer totally.



  1. Write Your Name on It

One day you forget your telephone somewhere, yet fortunate for you—a good Samaritan finds it and needs to return it to you. Be that as it may, in what manner will they know whom the phone is belongs to? You may not know that this is one of important but hidden things Android phone can do.

Android will give you a chance to put your name, email address, and an other telephone number on your lock screen. The goal is that somebody who picks the gadget will know it’s yours. However they won’t have any access of the other information on your telephone.

To put your details, go into the Settings menu on your telephone and then select Security, Screen Security, and afterward Owner Info. You can write something like this “If found please call 080xxxx”. This has saved me severally.


  1. Improved Calls

Once in a while browsing through your contacts list to make a call is more exertion than you’re hoping to give. So add a speed dial button to your phone home screen to make it simple to call your mother, or, you know, that pizza outlet down the road.

To include a number, press and hold on your home screen where you’d like to put it. A menu will fly up. From that point, select Shortcuts and afterward Contact. Look down to choose the number you need to add.

hidden things android phone can do


  1. Screen Calls More Politely

Okay, you’re not continually sending individuals to phone voicemail since you can’t stand them. In some cases you’re in a gathering and can’t talk. Android smartphone has a way to hush a call without treating your friend with chilling disdain; you can send a custom short message to tell him you’ll get back to later.

To make your own note, go to Phone Settings, and afterward Quick Responses. Next time you have to silence a call, swipe up to forward your canned response.

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  1. Hide Your Kid’s Mess

Tired of your child’s games topping off the homepage on your Nexus 7? In case you’re sharing your tablet to others, you can make an individual profile for every person where they can store their favorite applications and content.

To create a profile on your gadget for another person, go into the Settings menu and afterward select “Users” next by “Add user or profile.” On-screen guidelines will put you through adding a new account with its own particular apps to your gadget, or granting restricted access to your own content for a new person.

I hope you enjoy this article, the list above are some of the hidden things android phone can do but unknown to many. Feel free to drop your comment in case any and thanks for reading.

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