generate more blog visitors

How to generate more blog visitors

Generate more blog visitors: On this blog I have already gave you all that you need to build your blogging empire. It’s vital you continue publishing new articles and keep growing your empire.

This is your business now and you need to generate more blog visitors as could reasonably be expected. More traffic to your blog equals to more money. So how about we take a look at how to increase and build your visitors. 

How to generate more blog visitors

#1.Organic search

This is the traffic that is generated by your content appearing in the search results. The most ideal way to generate more blog visitors from this source is to just make more content that is relevance to your intended audience.

With respect to ranking your content Google utilizes around 200 ranking factors. A portion of these have to do with your content. Like what number of keywords, content length and so on. Furthermore, some need to do with user experience and performance. Like how quick your site loads, mobile friendly and so on.

To be honest with you I don’t focus on every one of them, however you should consider the basics and best practices so you can optimize your content and blog. Organic search generate more blog visitors

Organic search

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#2. Social Media

You can utilize social media in several different ways to push your blog and it generate more blog visitors. Furthermore, achievement likewise relies upon which platform is best for you and your audience. Here are a few ideas for getting more visitors from your social media.

  • Put social sharing buttons on your blog
  • Set up a Facebook group or page for your niche
  • Join relevant Facebook group and mention your blog there (be nice, keep it relevant, do not spam)
  • Post photographs on Instagram (great platform for fitness, travel, beauty and food niche)
  • Reach out to social influencers and request that they mention your blog on their blog


#3. Guest posting

This is the place you make original and a unique article to be published on another person’s blog, with a mention of the writer and a link to your blog at the bottom/base of the post.  

This is a numbers game. Big blogs or sites get a lot of requests. So be ready to send out a lot of emails. Guest posting will generate more blog visitors than you can expect.

#4. Commenting

Quite straight forward. Comment on forum or blog posts and mention your own particular blog. Be careful so as not to spam. Just comment when it’s relevant and give some value. Be ready to get moderated.


Bonus: How to make even more money from your blog

You’ve likely heard of list building. This is where you gather your visitors email through your blog. Along these lines you’ll gain two extra advantages:

  1. Generate traffic instantly to your new article just via mailing a update
  2. Send direct promotions without writing an article about it

The most ideal way to gather emails and sending messages to your readers or subscriber list is to utilize email advertising software. The great ones usually have a WordPress plugin, so you can without much of a stretch integrate it with your blog.

Motivational conclusion

I’m certain that everybody can make money from blogging. Everyone know something about something and everything can be promoted via affiliate marketing. However…

So as to be successful you have to make a move, put in the diligent and hard work and continue pushing. Also, this is where many fail. They basically give up.

Also, that is something worth being thankful for!

If not for the quitters there would be significantly more competition. So thank you quitters. Thank  you for leaving all that cash on the table.

It can take a long time before you make your first sale and start seeing some cash coming in. So this game is just for the persistent. In any case, let me inform you, once the money begins streaming, it’s a marvelous feeling and the best motivation you can get.

Those are the ways to generate more blog visitors and make extra money from your blog. Feel free to drop your comment in case any and thanks for reading.

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