ways to make money via social media

How to Make Money via Social Media


This is 21st century. It’s no joke when they say – technology has come to stay and social media showcase everything we do. To be more specific, everything has gone digital and online.

People sell and promote whatever they do digitally now. So, why are you still waiting to take full advantage of social media? You’ve got to wake up. The reality is here!

On our blog post today, we’ll like to educate you on how to make money via social media. Without mincing words, there are several proven ways to milk our different social media handles.

To make this clearer to you, all the big labels, brands and names around the world have social media handles aside their personalized websites. Do you think they are all following the latest trends? No, they aren’t. They all make huge money from having social media handles for their labels and brands.

Are you wondering why all these are put together for you? It’s simple. I need to let you know certain things about social media before proceeding to how you can make money from them. So, be calm!

Social media is growing at a fast rate from time to time. The last global media stats, conducted in July 2021, shows that 57% of the world population uses social media. This means social media have 4.48billion users. Don’t forget the good saying: “Wherever there is people; there is money.” As a result of this, we can say social media are the biggest market in the world now.

If you’re one of the 4.48billion people who use social media, you can make money. Even if you’re currently not on any, you can still make your cool cash. All you need to do is to create an account for yourself or your business then you stay committed and consistent to earn.

Let’s get straight to the question now. How can you make money on social media?

Here are the top 6 ways to make money via social media:

#1. Your Audience

Love your audience

The number of audience you have on a social platform has a lot to do on your income. Having a great number of followers on social media might attract money to you.

Let me make this simple with an analogy. Do you know why brands give endorsement deals to celebrities? They do so because of the number of followers they have.

Having a large number of audience makes promotion of products and services easy. Don’t forget money comes with promotion.

The bottom line is: you’ve got to build your audience. Also, building audience is not as important as engaging them with valuable contents. Keep them glued to your account or page by consistently feeding them with values.

#2. Market your Skills or Talents

Google Skillshop

Whatever skills you have can be marketed on social media. In fact, social media marketing is a digital course on its own.

Marketing your skill means you’ll come to social media to make people or your audience know what you do. You show them how you can put an end to their problems by proffering solutions.

To market your skills and talents on social media, you need to be objective about your skill. By this, I mean – you need branding. You’ll have to set up your profile in such a way that it portrays what you do. The profile you create on your social media should serve as your curriculum vitae(C.V).

You need a significant presence on social media. After that, you start telling your potential clients the benefits they get when they hire you.

Don’t forget that social media is the fastest means you can connect potential clients. If you can’t reach your clients directly, someone else may refer you.

#3. Be an Influencer

Go Where the Influencers Go

A great fortune follows influencers on social media. Before I walk you through this, do you know who an influencer is? Whatever your answer is; I’ll explain it in a simple term in the next paragraph.

An influencer is someone who grows large audience on social platforms; capitalize on this and persuade the audience to buy a product or take a specific action. Also, an influencer tends to inspire and educate their audience frequently.

Social media influencer charges as low as $20 per an hour to promote products and services. Brands run after influencers because committing their money to them brings higher ROI.

If you want to hit it big on social media, social media influencing is one skill you should consider. But you need to also know that it requires a lot.

You have to show up with values consistently and also prioritize your audience. Social media influencers make money via social media steadily.

#4. Join and Create Groups on Social Media

When you’re starting out newly on social media, you need to join various groups that are related to your niche. By doing so, you can easily connect with your potential audience, clients and other professional in your niche.

While in the group, make sure you respect the rules of the groups. Another thing you need to do is to always add intellectual and valuable contributions to the discussions or posts. This will attract ideal audience to you.

The next thing is creating groups, right? You need to be specific and objective about the groups. It starts with the naming of the group. If what you want to promote on the group is fashion, give it a name that clearly portrays fashion. Another thing you don’t joke around with is values. Give valuable contents that make you audience stick to the group.

Brands and small business owners contact group owners for advertisements. With this, you can generate some cash for yourself.

#5. Use Ads

Ads will generate money for if you have a skill or product but lack people to pay for it. Ads will take your products to where you can’t reach. Sometimes you may not get instant results from sponsoring ads. But when you get desirable result, it is worth it.

Don’t you think running ads is a skill you can also venture into? Yes, you can. Just learn it; it’s a lucrative skill.

Ads bring you both sales and potential customers (audience).

#6. Put your Products up for Sales on Social Media

products to sell: Akeentech blog

Don’t limit the sales of your products to your immediate environment. It can’t be overemphasized that social media are the biggest market.

Put up your products on your social media accounts and share the benefits the buyer stands to get by using your products. Do it repeatedly and check out the results in couple of months.

I must say this – the ways of making money via social media are different and numerous. For you to make money on social media, you need to develop some traits in you. The traits are; commitment, consistency and grit. With these, you’ll be successful on social media.

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