Importance of a blog on your career

Reasons Why A Blog is Important for Your Career and Life

Importance of a blog on your career: There is no resounding romance and attempting to connect passion to it is a struggle.
The word “Blog” sounds dull to me.
I see dreams of over-sharers wrestling with technology to publish the mundane elements of their regular day to day lives … yet perhaps that is Facebook.
“Blog” started as slang for “web log.” Those two words were mangled and mauled and out popped “blog”.
Try and clarify that at a dinner party – you simply need to love the enchantment of language, language structure and words. Continually evolving.
So why should you blog?
These three motivations are the most obvious one.

  • A passion venture. A blog is your digital gateway to share your present passion online. It’s multimedia and text without Facebook distractions or ink stains.
  • An entrepreneur’s platform.Perhaps you’d like working with brands and advertisers or to write professionally and receive compensation for your creativity.
  • An expert’s expression. A blog is a place where you distill the thoughts, ideas and experiences that you have learned during your life, education and career journey.

The reality lies hidden somewhere in between.

Still… Why would it be advisable for you to?

A successful career and life is depends upon being “on purpose.” We all bring our own uniqueness and magic into the world. Your goal in life is to find out what that is, grasp it and share it.
Your blog may be the digital platform where it’s uncovered. To start a blog and proceed to create and publish you will have to find the inspiration for the ideas and words.
Inspiration does not emerge out of a vacuum. Regardless of how you twist and turn in a media-rich and digital world powered by Instagram videos and photos.
The blog is still driven by writing and words.
Here are 10 reasons why blogging will have a major effect on your profession and life on the off chance that you are prepare to start the adventure to create and publish:

10 Importance of a blog on your career

#1. Blogs refine your thoughts

Taking a seat and distilling your insights and ideas into paragraphs and structured is an art. Wrestling wrangling those words into shape will create clarity from the cloud. Make it a practice each day and magic shall happen.

#2. Blogs reward the creator

Creating is one thing, but another thing is publishing. Being willing to put your ideas and thought out there takes a willingness and bravery to be vulnerable. You may be stopped by doubts. These include:

  • Why would anyone want to read my ideas?
  • I have just the same old thing and nothing new to say.

Get rid of your fears and publish your creation. Rewards shall come.

#3. Blogs amplify your humanity

A blog opened up by social networks with easy to-use interfaces is the intersection technology and humanity. It is an amplification and extension of our uniqueness, content and creativity to over 7 billion people.
The low friction sharing will open up your identity to a world that is waiting to hear your voice.
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#4. Blogs connect us to our tribes

This is one of major importance of a blog on your career. Tribes are not any more local but worldwide connection of shared passion and interests. Blogs that are powered by online communities and Twitter feeds enable us to interface with those global tribes in real time.
Connection with global communities provides networks and insights that can quicken your learning process, success and opportunity.
You change them and they change you.

blog connect people

#5. Blogs give introverts a voice

Now the introvert has a voice. It is estimated that about 50% of us fit into that category. If you think that is you then your blog can be your platform to address to the world, let your personality be heard and shine.

#6. Blogs reward the “new age” publishers

Blogs are online books, magazines and resources all moved into one.
A portal for learning, expression and publishing, blogs validate our creative content by quantifying attention via comments, re-tweets and sharing.

#7. Blogs embrace the experimenters

In the age of print, making errors was time-consuming and expensive. With your online publishing platform you can explore in real time without financial risk.

#8. Blogs accelerate discovery

The low friction of the social web enables content makers to bypass the old gatekeepers of publishers and editors. What took years or decades to achieve/accomplish that important attention can be possible in weeks and months.

#9. Blogs open up a world without borders

Opportunity in the past was frequently constrained to “local.” Today your online platform isn’t limited by geography. The world is currently your playpen.

#10. Blogs are the future’s news vehicle

I believe truly that blogging is the new form to deliver news. We will still have journalists and reporters, however the noteworthy stories and news of the day are presently on our hands- it is our job to be the first hand eyewitness accounts of the current goings on.

You will grow

The persistent and consistent effort of online creation and publishing is a powerful trip in self-growth and discovery. It will be a life changer and a career enhancer. That willingness to make mistakes, to be vulnerable, but keep creating will change you.
It is through the door of risk only that growth can enter.
You simply have to start.
I hope you enjoy this post on the importance of a blog on your career. Feel free to drop your comment in case any and thanks for reading.

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  1. Awesome post. I agree with you 100% when you mentioned the fact that blogs open a new world where borders don’t exist. Blogs can be accessible anytime and anywhere in the world. Kudos to you for publishing this article.

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