Increase your website conversion rate

Tips on how to increase your website conversion rate

In our last blog, we spoke about how to create a content that converts like crazy. In order to monetize and optimize your website you need to increase your website conversion rate.

Now that you have created the content, what can you do to increase the conversion rate? Here are seven ways for you to turn your curious readers into happy customers:

7 ways to increase your website conversion rate

#1. Make yourself easy to find:

Imagine somebody is looking for a product or service that you offer, but for reasons unknown, they don’t contact you. It could be on the grounds that your business doesn’t appear on the first page of the search engine.

Maybe your site doesn’t work with the browser they are using, or it’s not mobile friendly. Whatever the reason might be, it’s that simple to lose a potential client.

All it takes is just a few small steps to make ensure the right audience can find you. Have a solid SEO strategy in place.

Test how well your site works on prominent browsers. And make sure that the website is mobile-friendly.

#2. Be accessible: 

Using key communication channels, for example, contact forms, client bolster or email and expanding your company’s presence via social media will all make your business more accessible to potential clients.

Notwithstanding, if you truly need to increase your website conversion rate, consider adding a live chat feature to your site page.

Possibly your visitor is reluctant to purchase since they have a basic inquiry concerning a product. Or there might be some technical blunder on the site keeping them from purchasing.

Live chat gives you a chance to connect with your visitor in real time. So you can quickly deal with these issues for them and make more sales.

Be accessible

#3. Build trust and relationship: 

It’s important that you offer visitors to your site a lot of reasons to trust in your business and the services you offer. Show reviews and testimonials on your website so new audience can see what your clients love about your product and why they so value your business.

 Engage with your audience and customers (and potential ones) via social media to show you are listening to them and their feedback is valued and esteemed.

When they are satisfy with your service, they will spread the word, bringing about more clients and increase your website conversion rate. 

#4. Know your visitors: 

We have talked prior about the significance of knowing your site visitors. Having a site visitors insights tools, like Jetpack, Google analytics can help you to see which visitors are returning and which are new so you can engage with them better.

It would help you address and understand their concerns, position and market your products better as well as increase your website conversion rate.

Know your visitors

#5. A/B test your website elements: 

A/B testing is fundamentally displaying two versions of a website page to various set of audience and utilizing the one which has the best conversion rate.

There are numerous elements on your website page that you can test, for example, CTA buttons (their text, color and placement), page design and layout, messaging and headlines, and new media components (video, image size and so forth).

It’s important to keep in mind that A/B testing ought not to be a one-time event. Constantly update your site and experiment to increase your website conversion rate. 

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#6. Segment your visitors: 

Some individuals visit your site because they have to purchase something. Some may be browsing casually, and then there are some who have opened your site on a browser tab and have forgotten about it.

Dividing your visitors as hot, warm, and cold leads can enable you to target right audience in the correct way.

Every one of these leads requires a different level of resources and energy from your sales team.

The first category requires prompt attention (live chat is a decent way to do this). The second category needs a discount offer on items they are browsing.

And the third one should be shown and demonstrated your bestsellers when they return.

#7. Have an engaging website: 

A clutter free interface with convincing content that clearly expresses your USP will instantly connect you with your site visitors. Urge your visitors to stay and browse by offering insights about your product and having an area of important blog or articles around them.

Your visitors are going to see more value in your business in the event that you can offer them something other than an product catalogue. This will them more likely to purchase from you than your rivals.

engaging website

Do you have more tips on how to increase your website conversion rate? You can share them in the comments section below. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy reading the post. 



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