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Method To Make At Least $5K Per Month From Facebook

This strategy is about Facebook Instant Articles, you can make a good amount of money if everything here can be done in the correct way. 

Facebook is one of the biggest platforms to make huge money. It’s increasing day by day.

For this method, you need to have a website. Step by Step I’ll provide full information. My website monetizes with Facebook instant articles. 
You can run a simple site made by WordPress or Blogger platform. Site host on a quality hosting server. I have over 50GB shared hosting for my blog with unlimited bandwidths. 

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You need to have:


  • Target your Country Local Trending News
  • Target only Trending Sports News
  • Evergreen Niches (Health, Politics, Business, Foods, etc.

I have selected Trending Sports and Trending News. It’s working me to generate smart money. 

You can copy articles from local websites and give them source and free backlinksYou can be testing with copy articles and refer the main website source below the post.

If Facebook brings updates on new terms and condition for copy articles. Don’t worry it will surely work –

  • Firstly, you have to select an article and re-write it on WORDAI.
  • Post it on your site and give source to the main article.

    Monetization Method

Monetize your website with Facebook Instant Articles. Facebook Instant Articles Links – Instant Articles | Facebook

It’s an easy step to apply for Facebook Instant Article.

Search on YouTube “how to apply for Facebook instant articles.” You will see many of the videos for applying process.

After getting monetization, you need to know how you can increase your earnings. 

  1. You can run Ads on a Facebook page to get 20K+ real Likes. And every day you can spend little money to increase likes continuously.
  2. You should be posting high engaging trend article on your site.
  3. Share your articles on your Facebook page via Instant Articles.
  4. You can also post every day in Facebook Page some viral images, tricky images, videos & posts for more engagement on your page.
  5. You can get viral contents from – imgur, Reddit viral, or follow your local viral Facebook Pages posts to collect viral content.

If you have a 250k+ real likes page, and you share  your local topics there no limit to what you can earn. More visitor = more money. If you can generate more visitors, you can make more money from here. 

So many people banking hard with this method, so I thought it’s a good idea to share it with you all.

Thanks for reading as you enjoy your money with Facebook instant articles.


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