money moves to make for 2019

Money Moves To Make For 2019

2019 is a brand new year and gives the open door for a new beginning.

And although in spite of the fact that it’s not 2019 yet, the sooner you manage your finances, the better.

Taking control of your finances can lead to a happier and peaceful life.

When your money is in control, life is plenty less stressful and you can concentrate more of your time on things that are very important to you.

The following are 6 money moves to make for 2019 and precisely how to achieve them.

Money Moves To Make For 2019

#1. Pay off debt

Pay off debt

If you pay off your debt you can get rid of a huge weight off your shoulders.

Once you paid off your debt, you can concentrate more on retirement, vacation, savings and more.

Here are a couple of tips to implement in your life to pay your debt off:

  • Get a side hustle or part-time job
  • Use Dave Ramsey’s snowball method to pay off your debt
  • Pay off your debt with the highest interest rate first
  • You can create a budget with a free app like Mint
  • Use holiday bonuses, bonanzas and tax refunds towards debt
  • Use Trim to negotiate the cost of your bills

#2. Create saving goals

What precisely would you like to save for?

You can either start with a little or huge goal, however I suggest starting off with a small goal since you will complete it quickly and it’s going to give you more motivation to go after other goals.

Budget your income every month and pay yourself first. This implies you are saving before you do any other things.

Set aside a portion of your money specifically for savings, and after that bills, and afterward what you have left, you can spend on coffee and any fun activities.

You can make saving goals for:

  • Emergency funds
  • Vacation
  • Retirement

I had a savings goal all through school to pay off my student loans by graduation day, my class dues and I did just that. I saved enough money each month from my blogging income and side hustles, paid off my bills every month, and then spent the rest of my money on my beans addiction, travel, and other fun stuff.

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#3. Create funds for unforeseen contingency

An emergency fund is crucial since life is unpredictable.

We never know what’s going to happen anytime soon and keeping money aside for moments like this is a must.

  • You can create a general emergency fund of $2,000,
  • Tax deductible
  • Enough money for car unpredictable repairs
  • Home appliances repairs
  • House repairs

#4. Investment


Investing is an extraordinary tool to help build wealth.

Investing is characterized by putting capital or money towards an endeavor with the hopeful outcome of making a profit.

This process requires patience and takes time, however can be very rewarding in the long-term.

#5. Plan a trip with cash

If you love traveling, set something aside for your trip in cash only so when you are on your trip, you don’t resort to credit or debit cards and overspend.

Part of the planning for a trip is to figure out how much you need to spend.

You should factor in transportation (flights, car rentals, etc.), accommodations, food, activities, tours, etc.

When you have the total sum you plan on spending, you should work that travel spending into your general budget.

Treat that travel savings just like you would with an electric or rent bill.

#6. Donate to charity

Donate to charity

After you have paid off your debt, put enough money aside to your emergency fund, you may decide to start putting money towards your favorite charity.

This is a great way to give back in return to something you believe in and feel like you are truly contributing to the world.

You can start donating to your favorite charity like orphanage home that cater for children who lost their parents. They may be deducting an auto transfer out of your bank account each month, so it makes it really easy for you to donate once a month.

The above list are the money moves to make for 2019 if you have any money moves to make for 2019 you can let us know in the comment box.


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  1. These are really good objectives for the new year, unfortunately there are a lot of people that fail already in the first step (pay off debts). Good Luck for you in the next year and success to your blog!
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