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Best website to earn money from online translation jobs

Do you need online translation jobs? Do you understand more than one language and are you comfortable in writing or speaking of both the language?

If your answer is yes; then why not use this talent to earn money online?

Now one question comes in your mind surely, how one can earn money from online translation jobs?

There are loads of platform available where you can undoubtedly earn money as translator and best thing is that you can do this task at home… implies work at home and earn cash.

Online Translation Jobs Sites

#1. Tranlatorscafe

Best site to give online translation jobs to top firms or companies like Philips, Kodak, Samsung, UBS, Nokia, Microsoft, Oracle and so on and furthermore best platform to work for proficient and genuine translator.

Working specialized in user guide, technical document, website data, digital product and many more. Here you can set your rate and service. This platform helped more than 18,900 other individuals who posted more than 208,500 jobs.


  • Payment options western union, Skrill, money gram international, Paypal.

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#2. Proz

Driving source of online translation jobs for freelancers. They claim of being a world biggest group of translator.

Interpretation, translation, localization and different jobs requiring the services of multilingual experts or companies might be posted.


  • Have approximate 800k register user and over 3.4 Million question asked.
  • There is no commission posting job and also no fees for posting job.
  • Payment will be paid to your Proz wallet and no processing fee is charged.


 Proz professional translator.png

#3. Gengo

If you are master bilinguals then simply need to clear one test and begin working with Gengo. Over 10000+ pre-tested interpreter and translator working in 34 dialects.


  • Gengo usually pay translator twice a monthly on 10th and 25th.
  • New job will be posted on portal and you can also receive job alert through mail.
  • You will be paid via Skrill or Paypal in US dollars.

Translator rate:

  • Standard: $0.06 per word and $0.040 per character (e.g. Chinese Japanese)
  • Pro: $0.30 per word and $0.12 for each character

Genco pricing: akeentech blog

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#4. Translatorsbase

Here you have to determine what dialect or language translation you are comfortable for. Therefore once new task work match with your language then you will be informed with email.

You will get work like CV, book, Birth certificate and numerous other online translation jobs. So in the event that you are good with this sort of work then You can join this platform.


  1. You have to submit your resume here.
  2. You have to submit a bid for project that is belongs to language you specified in your resume.
  3. Translation rate depend on region, difficulty level, and kind of document.
  4. You need to have a Paypal account for the payment processing.

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 #5. Onehourtranslation

Platform for more than 75 languages and over 2500 languages pair. Supported by over 15000 expert in excess of 100 countries.

Platform giving business translations in various fields including websites, legal, technical, software and applications, marketing and many more.

Onehourtranslation claim to be the fastest online translation jobs company on the planet. Therefore by this information you wish to get translator job easily.

OneHourTranslation allocates approximate one hour of translation time for each 200 words in the document and up to 7-10 hours per every working day.


  • It’s free to join as a translator.
  • You get paid whenever you want to.
  • You Work at your own convenient time.
  • The rate for General translation in this platform is 5.4 cent per word.
  • You can also request for pay out once it reached minimum of $20. However, regular payment date are 15th of the month and end of the month.
  • You can be paid through PayPal.

Onehourtranslation: Akeentech blog

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 #6. Translationdirectory

Portal for language experts with over 38,267 Freelance Translators. Here you will easily get work. If you understand one more language which is other than English, As English is exceptionally common and the vast majority of individuals know it.

This site sells database of translator also, therefore in the event that you don’t get work from this site then there is a chance to get online translation jobs from someone else.


  • In future You can edit language pair.
  • Payment is depends on language you understand.

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#7. Traduguide

Traduguide is also a great platform to look for online translation jobs whereby translator and their customers meet.


  • You are going to be notified of requests matching your language specializations and pairs.
  • You need to enter your price quote.
  • Clients directly connect you.
  • Your very own profile page of www address.

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 #8. TranslatorsTown

Worldwide translation job portal connecting customers and translators together. Here possibly you get work by biding or client may connect you directly.


  • There are two type of memberships: free and paid one. In paid membership one you can bid while in free one you cannot bid.
  • The translator portal is very easy to use.

Translators town

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Below are some more websites where you will get online translation jobs as a translator.

Hope you enjoy this blog post…and start doing your online translation jobs. Feel free to drop your comment in case any and thanks for reading.


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  1. Providing translation service can be a very good career opportunity but not everyone’s cup of tea. Thanks for informing such nice platforms for translation job

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