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Digital marketing has become an undisputable business strategy for large, medium and small organizations. When it comes to dishing out information both near and far and hitting the target when it comes to reaching specific audiences.

Hence, as far as the 21st century is concerned, digital marketing would always be an essential ingredient if you find an organization with an exemplary business marketing strategy.

As a compound context, types of digital marketing can be certainly disintegrated into seven major divisions, which includes;
▪ Content marketing
▪ Email marketing
▪ Mobile marketing
▪ Market analytics
▪ Pay-per-click
▪ Social media Marketing
▪ Search engine optimization


This is a type of digital marketing that uses “sharing of information” as a technique and may often include “telling of stories or sharing previous experiences.” The ultimate goal of this technique is to trigger the hunger of the reader or listener.

As a result, the reader or listener proceeds to take responsive actions. Which include seeking more information or signing up to receive emails, which leads them to become customers.

Creating a digital video, making a podcast, writing an ebook, posts on popular blogs, utilizing white papers, etc is what we refer to when we talk about content marketing.

Note: content marketing isn’t just about creating awareness for your brand or triggering a high flow of sales.

The main purpose is to gradually build a long-lasting relationship and integrity with your clients or customers. Which in return, rewards you with a high turnover of sales in the longer run.

It isn’t always just about a specific business transaction. Content marketing also works hand in hand with so many other forms of digital marketing.

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Email Marketing Traffic

When most people hear email, you would probably think it should be an old technique by now. But irrespective of the arrival and domination of social media, the email type of digital marketing technique still stands out tall.

It can be considered as one of the branches of content marketing. But a professional email marketer does not only understand how to create a highly convincing campaign.

An email marketer is quite aware and equipped with the special skill of knowing how to break down a customer’s defense by understanding their interaction and demands.

This person also knows how to create highly convincing campaigns and make strategic decisions based on the data at hand at any given point in time. Some Basic characteristics of a comprehensive marketing email include:

● Ability to create a sense of urgency
● Feedback setup for your customers to reach you.

● Ability to personalize the email


This type of digital marketing is focused on getting across to customers and target audiences through their mobile gadgets. It includes their mobile phones, laptops, i-pads, tablets, etc.

Digital marketers make text messages, emails, social media info, websites and other interactive mobile applications by designing specific content or offers to a specific region or location at a certain period in time.

Most gadget owners spend more time on their mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other mobile gadgets than watching tv. Hence, the idea of making use of the mobile marketing technique would always remain a viable and widely effective method of digital marketing.


The unique ability to track, measure and quantify digital marketing has been one of its major merits. In contrast to how difficult it was, recent market analyses have given rise to the possibility of digital marketers keeping a tab on user behavior at a highly comprehensive level.

This includes the number of times they spend on a web page, how many times they made clicks or opened their emails, etc.


This type of digital marketing is often referred to as the short-period form. It is because they are paid advertisements and promotions.

Therefore, as long as the marketer keeps making payments for the promotions or advertisements, their ads keep running.

But the moment the payment stops, the ads stop running. These ads are often found at the top and sides of pages while browsing and watching videos on youtube or making downloads etc.


Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

Social media is surely a familiar ground for everyone, but a business-minded digital marketer must approach social media strategically. This isn’t just about creating posts and making endless comments on a platform.

In other words, an application of creativity, objectivity, and a well-formed strategy.


This is a type of digital marketing technique majorly used to boost or increase a business’s rank from the results you get when you make google a google search. And in return, it increases the traffic on your business website.

To make this possible, a digital marketer making use of the “search engine optimization” makes use of often used words and phrases by researchers by inputting them into their content. Content indexing, having a good link structure, and targeting keywords are the major factors to consider when using Search Engine Optimization as a Digital marketer.

Bottom Line

Either as a professional or beginner, these are the different types of digital marketing which you can use as a business person or a full time marketer making a whole lot of profit in the end.

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