Do you desire to multiply the number of visits your blog gets to maximize its performance? Then you should definitely try out email marketing as a great friend. This medium would help you achieve the goals you need to.

Every phenomenon has its methods and for email marketing, you’ll get to discover the best strategies and how to employ in order to achieve unbeatable results that you want.

There are several strategies that can be used to attain the goals for your blog. Social networks are one way of making your content go viral.

SEO positioning is also another method as it essentially puts you in a place where your potential readers can easily find you. Paid ads can also put you on the right track, that’s if you are willing to invest some money into this.

But as for email marketing, you don’t need all that. It is an efficient and direct way in which you are able to reach your subscribers with quality content generated from you.

Through personalized messages and also picking a particular time when the messages are sent to improve its performance. Once this is done, you’ll discover that in no time there will be consistent and heavy traffic on your blog.

The Irresistible Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing to a number of people seems to have become an outdated tool which I truly beg to differ. What many do not know is that referents of the digital world and some of the most successful companies you see in the world today all agree that email marketing remains the best resource for capturing as well as retaining clients and customers.

Why is this so? It is due to the fact that it offers the highest return on investment (ROI) compared to several digital options. Moreover, once you use a good platform, you can comfortably access powerful reports that can better aid in understanding the operation of your campaigns to optimize them in each shipment.

For instance, what types of call-to-actions are most effective, what is the best hour in the day to send your pieces, what issues offer you a higher opening rate, and so on.

On second thoughts, you could actually get pre-designed templates that allow you to simply develop professional emails without prior knowledge of design or even programming. So what does this tell you? That there are no excuses to get it right!

The 4 email marketing strategies 

Now that you already have a large database and strategies you want to execute so you get the best out of your blog, you want to be able to reach your contacts more and often. Email marketing would be your best bet as you’ll be able to reach them with super effective campaigns.

So pay attention to the strategies I’m about to show you and I can assure that if you apply yourself to them on a daily basis, you’ll see positive results. Let’s go.

#1. Using RSS Automation Campaigns

RSS Automation Campaigns

The goal at the end of the day is that you want your posts to reach as many users as it can. Unfortunately, this is very difficult naturally. So what’s the solution?

Imagine your subscribers automatically receiving mails when you update your blog. Amazing, right?

The good news is there actually is. They are called RSS campaigns. The RSS campaigns enable you to determine the frequency in which you may want to schedule your submissions so that your contacts receive all updates to your blog in their inbox.

With this, you can increase traffic, establish trust with your contact base (who will greatly value this gesture), track actions automatically to estimate the results saving you the time and effort.

#2. Promoting Your Posts in Newsletters

As much as this is the most traditional marketing campaigns, it still never gets old. 

Bear in mind that it is very important that you include the latest updates of your blog in your newsletters. This way you keep your contact base well engaged and updated on everything about your blog.

By being consistent, you’ll eventually boost traffic in your posts, which in turn increases engagement. Never forget that tweets or posts on Facebook can go unnoticed without your users viewing them; you could avoid this by sending messages directly to their inboxes.

A style that never gets old!

#3. Including social buttons in your email marketing campaigns

Digital Marketing

Do you really want to reach as many people with the contents of your blog? If you say Yes, then you should really consider combining all digital channels to your campaigns.

How? Include in all your shipment buttons that enable your subscribers to share the pieces in their own profiles. This way you are able to reach a larger number of the audience far beyond your expectations. 

Why’s that, you might want to ask? It’s because if the content of your post and campaign is really original, attractive and relevant, everyone will definitely want to share it in their communities.

#4. Resort to downloadable content 

The free materials for downloads to your subscribers (such as eBooks, infographics, and whitepapers) will not just help increase your database but they also will serve to supplement the information in your articles with visually appealing content. This helps to clearly project to the reader what you have in mind and hence the content is assimilated better.

Also, work towards creating email marketing campaigns that include an original title with a brief description of the material to be downloaded and then most especially a striking call-to-action. This is very useful in calling a user to action and drawing his attention to the urgency at that moment.

It does not fail! Never has and never will.

Get to work

There’s an old saying that goes: “Only a fool uses the same method to get a different result.” It’s very true because to get a different result, you have to try out a different method. Don’t keep using the same method and expect a change.

So, you now you have all the keys you need to generate and multiply the visits on your blog from email marketing campaigns. Don’t sleep on it. Learn and practice, learn and practice. Keep up with this and in no time, you’ll see yourself enjoying the results.

And you, what email marketing strategies do you use to boost traffic on your blog? What experiences do you have and you feel would be useful? We want to hear from you in the comment section below.



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