Facts About Blogging as a Career

The Real Facts About Blogging as a Career

I’m not trying to get your expectations up, but also I likewise don’t want you to get debilitated before you even start. I want you to go into this with the mindset for success and with a level head. There are so many misconceptions out there with regards to blogging and how bloggers make their money, so permit me to drop some real truths and facts about blogging as a career.

The Real Facts About Blogging as a Career

Truth Bomb #1: You don’t have to be a great writer.

A writer who can write: Akeentech blog

It doesn’t matter whether you attended college or you are a journalist, lawyer, linguistics or underwater basket weaving. Nobody cares.

Your blog readers or visitors (contingent upon your topic and who you’re writing for) are no doubt going to be average, everyday individuals who likewise aren’t professional writers. So they’re not going to realize that you ought to have use a semicolon there or that your blog post is crammed with comma splices.

Writing for the web is very far different in relation to academic writing. I have seen some appalling grammar in the blogging world from exceptionally successful bloggers. That is on account of nobody cares about your grammar, they care about your ideas and how you are able to impart those ideas.

So you don’t need to be an extraordinary writer. Be that as it may, you do have to be a good conversationalist.

Compose like you are having a discussion with your audience or, in other words, write with your natural voice. Readers will consider you to be more authentic, you are going to attract the right kind of individuals, and those individuals will probably turn into paying clients.

Truth Bomb #2: You don’t have to be an “expert” on your topic.

blog topics you can write about: Akeentech.com

“I can’t write on that particular topic since I don’t know everything on the in the world there that is to know about it.”

Indeed, you can (Blog topics to write about). Because you’re a CPA by day doesn’t mean you have to start an accounting blog. Nobody wants to be lectured at by a supposed “expert” anyway.

The absolute most successful bloggers out there didn’t begin as specialists in their niche. They began writing about something they were keen in learning or documenting their journey.

Individuals love stories. In case you’re experiencing a change in your life, or you’re keen on learning more about a topic (paying off debt, interior design, minimalism, traveling and so on.), that is the ideal place to start.

Truth Bomb #3: It (usually) takes some time to make money blogging.

This is not a hard and fast rule — there are certainly exceptions. But, the vast majorities who can take their blog from 0 to $5,000+ (every month) in just a couple of months have some sort of advantage. It is possible that they have money to invest, more on their hands, have done a lot of research already, always the case. However, for a great many people, building a successful blog requires some time and or investment.

The fastest and quickest way to expedite your success:  learn from individuals who have already done what you need to do. Network with other bloggers and take online courses.

Join blogging Facebook groups

Truth Bomb #4: Blogging is not easy — it takes a lot of work.

You have probably observed those Facebook ads or blog posts on Pinterest, IG about “how I make $10k every month working 5 hours per week on my blog.”  

Try not to give those bloggers a chance to fool you. Most of the time, they’re lying. Possibly they really work over 5 hours each week, or they do just work 5 hours per week, however they are leaving out the part about how much time, sacrifice, and energy it took to get to that point.

I’m here to reveal to you right now, blogging takes a considerable a lot of work. At the outset, it’s all about the hustle.

That is on the grounds that learning how to earn money blogging isn’t just about writing incredible content. You likewise need to figure out how to monetize such content, get people to your blog, and turn them into paying clients.

In the event that you go into the whole blogging thing thinking, “I love to write; this will be a walk over for me, then you are setting yourself up for disappointment and failure.

Truth Bomb #5: It’s not about you, it’s about the reader.

the blog readers

When the vast majority of people start blogging, they usually make the mistake of thinking it’s all about them: their story, the topics they like to write about, the products they offer for sale, and so forth.

Here’s one thing you have to understand now: your blog isn’t about you. Your blog is about your audience, readers, visitors and what they want.

Now, let me elucidate that point a little more. You can earn money blogging absolutely blogging about yourself or what you are very interested in. It’s just much harder.

This was something we needed to learn in the hardest way possible. People are just interested in reading two kinds of content: Content that engages or entertain them as well as benefits them somehow.

In this manner, your goal ought to always be to give as much value as could reasonably be expected to your readers.

Truth Bomb #6: You need a plan if you want to succeed.

The vast majority take an extremely laissez-faire approach to blogging. As in, they start a blog with no idea how they will earn money from it and expect that in the long run they figure it out or everything becomes alright or something.

However, what most always happens with these types of bloggers is that they get overwhelmed, frustrated, and quit before earning any significant amount of money.

Here’s how you can avoid this: start your blog with the end goal in mind.

Things can change over time, and they likely will. Our monetization strategy has shifted a lot from when we started, and we are going continue adding more revenue streams as we grow.

However, having a goal in mind for what you want to accomplish, who you need to serve, and how you will make money from it will give you direction, motivate your content strategy, and set you up for success in the long haul.


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