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Tips to maximize your phone’s battery life span

 Tips to maximize your phone battery life span

Here are some facts and tips listed based on science, that one should know to maximize the life of his/her smart phone battery:

  1.  Avoid full discharges: New/Modern batteries, which are majorly Lithium Ion batteries, do not have memory effect. You should not discharge them fully to zero. Because when battery’s charge gets low, they will be unstable and dangerous to charge. Your battery should be discharged  to 35-75% before you charge it again.
  2. Avoid extreme heat or cold: All parts of your smart-phone produce heat and the battery hate high temperature also if you are in a temperate region with the environment’s temperature those factors become the major enemy of your battery life span, You should also know that too low temperature also affect your battery life too.  You might be knowing that batteries hate high temperature and they start to fail. The upper limit of a smart-phone or laptop battery is about. So you need to keep you phone from the temperature higher than 69°C.
  3. Do not keep it plugged in for long: This is a debatable issue. While the modern smart phone battery doesn’t consume energy once its charged, it might get heated up in the process. So, the general opinion is that you should avoid leaving the smart-phone plugged in for too long period.
  4. Store your batteries at 50% charge: You should not leave your smart phone battery completely discharged for such a long period. If you leave a completely discharged battery for weeks, it may not hold the charge for a long period of time. The best practice to extend your phone’s battery life span is storing it at 50% charge. This rule applies to both the one in devices and the spare ones.

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Here are some simple tips also to extend your battery’s life span.

  • Reduce your phone brightness.
  • Disable data connection when not in use
  • Turn off WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS when not in use
  • Use widgets to easily toggle the above-mentioned settings
  • Disable auto synchronization option.
  • Uninstall unnecessary/ unused apps
  • Avoid some security apps

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