Tips to Protect Yourself from Laptop Radiation

Tips to Protect Yourself from Laptop Radiation:

Consider the below tips to lower your exposure to harmful EMFs emitted from your computer or laptop, and begin to protect yourself from laptop radiation immediately.

#1. Make Sure Your Computer Equipment is “Grounded”

Equipment Grounding

Grounding is the process of providing electricity with an effective and efficient path to the earth. If your PC equipment is ungrounded, particularly your laptops, placing your hands on the laptop’s keyboard can engender high electric field exposures.

To start with, check whether your PC is grounded:

  • If your power cable has three prongs, then your PC is grounded
  • And if your PC power cord has two prongs, it means your laptop is ungrounded

If your laptop has a 2 pin plug, you can get it grounded with a laptop grounding cord. This is going to enable the EMFs generated by your PC to route through the wire and not through you.

In case you’re as yet not sure if your outlet is grounded, you can get this checked with an outlet circuit tester. This may require minor electrical knowledge so on the off chance that you are not comfortable with this, consult an expert.

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#2. Should you “ground” yourself?

Moreover, you can converse with an EMF expert about whether grounding yourself rather than your PC is a good idea. Whether this is effective isn’t debatable and proven.

Its safety or benefits relies upon your home’s EMFs. Also, a trained EMF professional is the best individual to measure your home and to give more secure guidance.

 #3. Use a Wired, External Keyboard

Wired, External Keyboard

Magnetic fields or magnetic radiation are generated as soon as any PC is switched on. Since health risks are raised with magnetic field exposures as low as 2 milliGauss, it’s very important to learn how to protect yourself from your laptop radiation.

The most widely recognized sources of harmful magnetic fields are the in-line transformer unit and the motor of the hard drive inside your computer. So position yourself as far as you can from your laptop (machine).

The most ideal way to do this is by using an external, wired keyboard to protect yourself from laptop radiation. By using a wired, external keyboard, the transformer unit will be positioned at least a few feet from your body, which will lower your EMF exposure considerably.

#4. Replace Your Wireless Installation with a Hard-Wired Ethernet Connection or Eco Wi-Fi Router

When using your laptop, desktop or tablet computer, you are being exposed to another layer of EMF radiation from their Wi-Fi systems (WiFi routers/modem).

Just disable the WiFi in the settings menu isn’t enough of a safety measure since it may be subsequently re-activated on its own without you knowing. Many routers/ modem are now factory-configured to re-enable the Wi-Fi automatically when they receive an update.

By replacing your PC wireless system with a hard-wired ethernet connection you could bring down this extra EMF exposure. An ethernet connection is a wired system with (generally) hidden wires where special adapters are utilized to send the internet signal via your electrical wiring.  

However, this has as of late been said to not be a safe option in contrast to Wi-Fi since this system causes other filthy electricity issues in your home which can be similarly as harmful.

#5. Keep distance from your laptop and computer

Keep distance from your laptop and computer
Do not put your Laptop on your Lap

The electromagnetic fields you are exposed to by placing your laptop on your body might be hazardous. Some studies show that this may decrease fertility by harming sperm quality produced.

Instead, to lower your electromagnetic fields exposure, keep yourself distance from your laptop by placing it on a desk while you work on it.

#6. Keep Plants in Your House or Office

Studies have indicated that having plants in your office or home can detox the air of harmful toxins. Reports on the web (that don’t appear substantiated) claim that a few plants can also detox EMFs.

For instance, cactus plants are said to have the ability to absorb the electromagnetic radiation that’s coming from a computer. While I couldn’t confirm this, I will try to place cactus around my house anyway, on the off chance that it reduces the EMF exposure. Simply consider where you put them so kids don’t get pricked!

#7. Take Regular Breaks

Did you know that the blue light emitted by your computer monitors can endanger hormone production circadian rhythm and cause photoreceptor damage in your eyes? To get your health protected from this exposure we recommend:

  • Taking regular breaks
  • Get out of your seat away from your computer at regular intervals (every 20 minutes) or so
  • Avoid using your computer (laptop) at night
  • Avoid any other blue light exposures before you go to bed

#8. Eat Antioxidant-rich Foods

Antioxidant-rich Foods

Antioxidant-rich foods not just keep our bodies healthy and sound, they can likewise help to deal with free radicals caused by computer (laptop radiation) radiation.

Eat the nourishments that supply your body with the raw materials to create its very own natural form of EMF protection. Recommended foods, for example, cherries, tomatoes, apples, carrots and broccoli all contain significant amounts of vitamins C and A.

#9. Go Fully Wired

Every wireless device emits EMFs since they use microwave technology to communicate, therefore when possible use wired accessories such as a keyboard, a mouse, and other wired peripherals.

 #10. Stay Away From Other People’s Computers

It’s not just your very own PC that you ought to know about, on the off chance that you work in an office domain with other user’s computer, avoid potential risk to of these extra emissions of harmful EMFs.

Ensure you are not in closeness (6 feet) to the back of someone else’s computer screen and are not sitting closer to the office router /modem and any other electrical device which might be a source of EMF exposures.

#11. Watch out for Electric Cables

It’s a common mistake to sit with your feet or legs in close proximity to the power strip into which you plug your laptop, printer, monitor, modem and any other office equipment. These cables are a source of electromagnetic fields and ought to be stayed away from. Move these power cords as far away from your legs and feet as could reasonably be.

Is Laptop Radiation the Biggest Threat?

No! Laptops don’t emit higher amounts of radiation than desktop and the tips gave here apply to both. EMF emissions normally vary from brand to brand and between different models of a similar brand.

So the best way to know your exposure levels is to measure it with an EMF meter. Thanks for reading and make sure you protect yourself from laptop radiation.


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