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Ways Google Assistant Can Keep You Safe in Cars

The Google Assistant: As indicated by the US Department of Transportation, approximately 10 percent of all deadly vehicle crashes are caused by distracted driving—and 14 percent of those are specifically caused by cell phone use.

With this sort of risk, a solution like the Google Assistant could significantly lessen your risk of causing significantly in due to your telephone.

The CDC reports that in case you’re driving 55mph and you take your eyes off the road for five seconds, for any reason, you will travel the distance of a whole football field. That is exactly 360 feet.

Tasks like checking messages, searching for music, or writing in a contact to call shall remove your eyes from the road much longer than that.

We will talk about how the Google Assistant can enable you to deal with every one of the distractions people feel the need to do with their telephone while driving.

Ways The Google Assistant Can Keep You Safe in Cars

#1. Searching for and Playing Music

Playing Music while driving

Nowadays, the vast majority play music in their cars from their phones. Want to play music from your telephone to your car’s stereo? Here are all the options for you and how to pick the best possible way for you.

The Google Assistant makes the way toward launching a song as straightforward as asking out loud. All you need to do to get this done is set up your favorite music service in Google Assistant:

  1. Launch the Google Assistant and then click the blue drawer icon.
  2. Click the three-spot Menu button and then choose Settings.
  3. Select the Music
  4. Link your favorite music service and set it as the default.

That is all that it takes. Whenever you want to listen to music in your car, simply say “OK Google play” [album, artist, playlist or song].  Google Assistant will utilize your default music service, however you can append “on Pandora” or similar to use another one.

Google Assistant will launch the app automatically and begin playing your requested music.

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#2. Checking and Sending Messages

Checking and texting Messages while driving

Typing a text message is a standout amongst the most hazardous ways to use your telephone while driving. Generally your attention is on writing for any longer than five seconds.

Google Assistant makes it to extreme simple to send an instant message to anybody in your contact list by saying “OK Google, send a message to [the person contact name]”.

The name of the contact that you called ought to match a single contact in your contact list. In the event that there are different people with a similar name, you’ll need to tap the name you need, so try to ensure all contacts have a particular name.

Google Contacts is maybe the least organized of all Google services we use today. The majority of us neglect it.

Google Assistant will call up another window and request that you speak your message. It’ll at that point type it for you and then send it off. You don’t need to look at your telephone once.

You can likewise have your most five recent text messages read to you clear and loud. Simply say, “OK Google, shown to me my last text messages.” Google Assistant will at that point walk you through your messages this way:

  • Assistant will reads the name of the sender to you and asks for, “Would you like to hear it, reply, or skip it?”
  • If you say “hear it,” The Google Assistant will read the message to you.
  • If you say “reply” Assistant will enable you to speak your response and the message will automatically send.
  • And if you say “skip it,”  The Google Assistant will proceed to the next sender and repeat.

So whenever you hear that “ding” of an incoming message, simply rely on Assistant to get you updated. Keep your hands on the car wheel and focus your eye on the road.

#3. Making Phone Calls

Making Phone Calls while driving

According to the National Traffic Safety Institute, drivers making telephone calls while driving are four times more inclined to get into a car accident that could prompt serious death or injury.

In the event that there’s an emergency or you have no options about making a telephone to call, do not pick up your telephone to start dialing. That increases your chances of having an accident significantly. Rather, just say “OK Google, call [contact name].”

Remember that holding a telephone conversation is as yet a form of distracted driving. It isn’t so perilous as holding your telephone and typing, however it’s as still demonstrated to decrease your reaction time while driving.

On the off chance that it a must for you to make a call while driving, to do it using the Google Assistant, and do as such sparingly.

#4. Launching GPS Navigation

Launching GPS Navigation

Google Maps is another of the numerous Google services that’s integrated with Assistant. There’s no reason that you have to type addresses into Google Maps while you’re driving.

Like any other tasks we’ve already mentioned, Google Assistant makes it simple to find your direction anywhere. Leave your telephone in the support The Best Car Phone Holders to Mount Your Android or iPhone.  A car phone holder gives you a chance to keep your telephone in view while driving, giving you simple access to GPS, music, and many more. Simply ask it that how to get to your destination with a “Navigation to [the location]” command.

Google Assistant will find the business or address you’ve stated, and open up that route automatically in navigation view. The key here is to ensure you start your statement with “navigate.” You should be ensured that the location name is something Google can identify in your local area.

Other Google Assistant Voice Commands for Driving

The above commands cover most of the situations where you may need to use your telephone in the car. In any case, here are couples of more that can enable you to keep your eyes on the road rather than on your telephone:

  • Turn on Bluetooth: If your telephone audio connects to the car with Bluetooth, this command will prove to be useful.
  • Turn volume to [percentage]: You can adjust your telephone volume to any level by using your voice.
  • How is traffic on the way to [your destination]: Learn how heavy the traffic is and to what extent it’ll take you to get to your destination.
  • Where is the closest [business]: Find the closest restaurant, grocery store, gas station, or some other business.
  • When is my next event?: Be readied when you get to school or to work by having the Google Assistant prep you for your first calendar event of the day.
  • Play the news: Keep your hands off the radio dial. Simply have Google Assistant play the morning news from top news sources like Fox News, NPR, USA Today and many more.
  • Create appointment [your event name] for [date and time]: Google Assistant will create for you whatever event you have described at the time and date you set.

Remember that many countries have laws around whether earpiece use of a smartphone is lawful while driving. Ensure you check those laws before using any of the voice command mentioned above.

Remain Safe in the Car While Driving

Ideally, nobody would use their telephone at all while driving. The issue is that so many people still do, and they do as such in ways that are to a great degree unsafe.

It’s important to always keep your eyes on the road and also your hands on the steering wheel while driving.


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