What is the best CRM

What is the best CRM for my company and how to choose it?

If what you want is to make your business grow and thus have a great 2019, you have to know which is the best CRM for your company. Currently, all companies are forced to adapt to change, so you can not be the exception.

Whether you have a company that has just started or one that has been in your business for years, having a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a differentiating factor against the competition.

But before knowing how to choose among the many that exist, let’s start with something more basic:

What is a CRM? Understand to decide correctly

It is a tool/platform that focuses on how a company or brand interacts with its customers. Thus, it allows managing and managing all the information that is received from leads and clients.

 A CRM focuses on business management, marketing, customer service and after sales. That is, it is transversal to different areas within a company.

In short, a Customer Relationship Management serves to:

  • Make processes more productive
  • Have the information in one place
  • Automate marketing campaigns
  • Have information when you need it

Why have a CRM in 2019?

Because for any company it is essential to take care of the way in which customers are treated and the relationship with them. The same happens with potential customers. Precisely, having a CRM tool helps achieve those objectives.

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6 tips to know what CRM to choose for a company

#1 – The objectives are the beginning:

As we said before, a CRM is characterized by working with different areas and people within a company, so it is good that each has its objectives defined. Only then will you be able to know which CRM is more convenient.

CRMs have different characteristics and focus on several solutions. You will not want to use one that in practice does not work for what your marketing or sales department needs.

#2 – The integrations of the CRM

It is a fundamental point prior to the final decision. In general, companies already work or use other management tools. Thus, you will achieve perfect integration, facilitating the day to day when analyzing and using data.

#3 – What is the cost?

Many companies work with planned budgets where it is estimated what will be the money to spend in the next period. Therefore, it is good to be clear about how much will be paid per month or if there are discounts for annual payments.

Even the different CRMs have several plans that the client can choose depending on their needs.

#4 – What does your team think about implementing a CRM?

Your opinion should be taken into account from day 0. If you have an IT team, they will play a leading role. Take into account your suggestions and opinions. Have them evaluate different CRMs from the ones in the market, see their pros and cons and how they would adapt to the company.

Beware, it is useless to have the most expensive plan if it will not solve your daily problems or use all the features it offers.

#5 – Can CRM adapt to the growth of the company?

Sometimes a company is small and contracts a certain CRM, everyone adapts and also interacts perfectly with customers and information. After a while, the company grows which makes other needs arise.

Can that CRM satisfy them?

Many have higher plans with more robust functionalities – as we said before – that adapt to the new scenario.

#6 – The best CRM delivers reports

It must exist to solve problems and streamline processes. If you can customize and extract reports with data, those responsible for each area will be able to see what the current failures are and how to resolve them to continue improving and not stagnate.

Some CRM tools perfect for your business

#1 – CRM Salesforce:

Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM used by companies in different industries. In addition, it adapts perfectly to small businesses or startups. The stats confirmed that most of the SEO companies in Rochester NY are using Salesforce CRM. It has different very useful features:

  • Sales cloud: This CRM On Demand helps sell faster and smarter. Take the automation of the sales force to a new level.
  • Service cloud: Help improves customer service by delivering a faster response.
  • Marketing cloud: This module is perfect for working in what refers to online marketing; social media, mailing, websites, etc. It makes the client have a better experience. You can get more out of every interaction with the customer
  • Quip: It is ideal to create, edit, discuss and organize work with the team of each area.
  • Here you can learn more about Salesforce

#2 – One of the best CRM: Hubspot

  • The Hubspot CRM collaborates in the management and acceleration of the process carried out by the sales team of a company.
  • Monitor customer interactions automatically
  • It allows seeing the information of a contact in a single place
  • You can chat with prospects and clients in real time
  • It helps nurture relationships with sales opportunities and customers.
  • Learn more about Hubspot CRM, here
  • Now you know a little more about the CRMs that are in the market, what it is and how they will help you work efficiently with your customers.


























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