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Why Your Business Needs an Inbound Marketing Strategy


The software and technology market is one of the most popular today and is forecast to continue to grow going forward. This is something positive but, at the same time, it means that there will be much more competition, so we will have to find a way to stand out from the rest.

Some companies are adopting one method that has achieved their differentiation and growth is Inbound Marketing.

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But how does Inbound Marketing for Technology Companies work?

As I have said, the software sector does not stop growing and, while this forecast may be good news for your business, it also means that you will face increased competition and will have to fight to highlight all your marketing efforts.

One of the best ways to reach and retain customers is to offer them value, which is essentially what Inbound Marketing is all about. Inbound Marketing focuses on attracting potential customers to your business instead of having your business approach them; that is, it is a non-invasive method.

Creating content of specific value for your industry and your target market will allow you to establish a relationship with your clients based on trust and the idea that they will consider you an essential resource in their field.

You should know that Inbound Marketing is much more than a simple social media campaign or a series of blog posts published without rhyme or reason. Having an effective marketing strategy implies that you understand that it is a long process and that it will require a strategic investment and a comprehensive plan to be effective.

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Reasons why your business needs an Inbound Marketing strategy

#1. Provide more coordination to digital marketing channels

Surely you have invested resources in marketing many times, but your company has not been able to carry out real coordination, and each channel has ended up acting independently, right?

Inbound Marketing is a methodology that combines Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and SEO techniques. It strategically coordinates different traditional marketing techniques, helping all of them point in the same direction.

Having a good Inbound Marketing strategy will make your brand’s other digital marketing channels more coordinated and, therefore, much more effective.

 #2. Helps you get to know your customers

The Inbound Marketing strategy revolves around the “Buyer Persona,” which is nothing more than a very detailed representation of your brand’s ideal client. That Inbound Marketing is built around the fictional representation of our target, it means that it is essential to know our audience very well for the global strategy to work. 

If knowing your Buyer Persona is a necessary prior step to design the strategy, carrying out Inbound Marketing will be the definitive step to get to know him better.

As we carry out Inbound Marketing actions, we will discover what our audience is like, what they want, and how we can accompany them throughout the process to meet their needs.

 #3. Make your customers loyal

One of the Inbound Marketing pillars is to provide the content they need at the right time to the right person. Filling a specific need at the right time is one of the best ways to achieve one of the main objectives of Inbound Marketing: to retain our users and turn them into promoters of your brand.

Having a customer is great, but having a loyal customer is much better. It will help us become evangelizers of our brand, recommend it, and make the acquisition cost per new customer lower.

#4. Your brand gains visibility

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What is one of the main problems a brand has to face? The one to make yourself known and stand out above your competition, right?

Making yourself known in the internet’s big world is complicated and can turn into a real struggle. One of the main advantages of carrying out an Inbound Marketing strategy is that it can help you make your brand visible.

And most importantly, your brand will not gain visibility in an invasive way. You will naturally gain visibility, kindly reaching out to users to offer quality content related to the values ​​or services that our company offers.

 #5. Makes you an expert voice

In addition to gaining visibility, a good Inbound Marketing strategy will help you become a sector benchmark. How? The creation of quality content will generate traffic and will make us have more visits to our portal.

These visits will find the type of content they need at that time to be perceived as valuable content. Suppose our buyer persona finds the information of interest that he needs to solve his immediate problems.

In that case, he will have a more positive perception of our brand, increasing his confidence in us.

If we gain visibility and, besides, our visits positively perceive our content, we will position ourselves as an expert voice in the sector.

 #6. Helps to “close the circle” of purchase

Inbound Marketing is responsible for accompanying the client throughout their entire journey. It is about contacting the customer at the beginning of the purchase process (when he comes to our website attracted by our content) and accompanying him through the appropriate content.

This journey through each of the stages of maturation (TOFU -Top of the Funnel-, MOFU -Middle of the Funnel-, BOFU -Bottom of the Funnel-) makes it easier to close the circle: from attention initial until the materialization of a purchase.

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#7. It lets you know if you are throwing money away

Inbound marketing is measurable. This means that we can see at all times and in detail, what the results of all the actions we carry out are.

Any action not working? Well, nothing; we identify it, adjust it, or eliminate it. This constant analysis allows us to optimize the strategy so that the use of resources becomes greater.

Inbound Marketing also allows us to know the return on investment of the project (ROI) so that the brand can understand the results that the strategy is giving, eliminating the doubt of whether we are throwing money away.

Final words on Inbound Marketing

We hope that you have become a little clearer with this article why your business needs an Inbound Marketing strategy. As you have seen, Inbound Marketing provides a large number of advantages that will help you gain visibility, retain your customers, or close your shopping circle. 

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Developing an Inbound Marketing strategy is not easy, far from what it may seem, and requires time and effort to achieve a comprehensive plan that adapts to your business’s needs.

Producing correct content, creating effective calls to action, optimized landing pages, and an SEO strategy that will generate web traffic are the most critical aspects of a good Inbound Marketing campaign.


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