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7 Easy-To-Learn Skills You Can Use to Work From Home


You want to learn to work from home. And for a good reason. As soon as you stop your daily commute, you save a ton of money, time and gain that much-needed happiness factor that comes with working remotely.

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But how do you go from wanting to work from home to working remotely? The excellent news is remote working is on the rise and showing no signs of slowing down. This means that there will always be new opportunities to launch your cubicle at the curb.

It all comes down to having the rights skills to get you from commuter to telecommuting. Fortunately, suppose you’re feeling a little rusty in the marketable skills department. In that case, there are plenty of affordable online courses that will make it quick and easy for you to build up your skills and get you working remotely as soon as possible.

#1. Proofreading

When you step back and think, there’s a lot of content. Let’s look at the Internet. To date, there are over a billion – yes, 1 billion existing sites. And that equates to an impressive number of articles, posts, and pages living online.

Granted, not all things online are proofread. I’m sure when you read various blogs and sites, you find tons of mistakes. I know I’m guilty of them here sometimes.

But that’s what makes proofreading so essential and so convenient for future remote workers. You can offer your furtive eyes the sites that are in desperate need of a proofreader, as well as those that already recognize the value of using a proofreader to ensure that their content is published error-free—the most significant number.

Believe me, it works. You will also be able to go from untrained, error-prone samurai to a highly skilled and sought-after professional proofreader in no time. 

#2. Virtual assistance

virtual assistantWe are all busy. It’s almost like a badge of honor these days to have an overbooked schedule and to-do list in miles. But just because people are overexploited does not mean that they are productive. I know I am guilty.

As a full-time blogger and one-man show, I often find myself very tense. My inbox is overflowing. Deadlines are frequently in the lead. There are more pieces of content to watch out for that I wouldn’t want to forget. Plus, did I mention I have an online life and a family that sometimes enjoys seeing me in the real world? I do. It is true.

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This is why I often admit defeat and commit an extra pair of hands to help me stay on top of the game when I can’t do it independently. And I am not alone. Today, many bloggers, busy professionals, and brands turn to virtual assistants to give them a (virtual) helping hand.

A professional virtual assistant, or VA, is a magical wizard of productivity and time management. A VA can step in and help answer emails, coordinate a schedule, help with project management, and generally help things move forward. As a future aspirant, there is no shortage of skills and services that you can bring to market like me.

#3. Accounting

Fact: The entrepreneur has named accounting as the most profitable you can start a small business. This is because accounting has low overhead and low start-up costs. And you don’t need a fancy degree to become an accountant.

Instead, you need to develop bookkeeping as a skill and market it to small businesses. Sounds easy, right? It is!

#4. Medical Coding & Billing

A recent report from CNBC discovered that there are more billing and coding jobs in the medical industry than there are qualified professionals to fill them. To say this is a work-on-demand-on-demand skill would be an understatement. The healthcare sector is progressing by leaps and bounds. Medical billing and coding are essential parts of the industry that play a vital role in maintaining patient records for payment purposes. You can learn a bit more about what a medical billing and coding professional does by reading my in-depth article here.

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If you’ve always dreamed of a healthcare career in the field of remote care, then it might be. But developing this skill takes time and training. You’ll need to go to school and likely get a certificate before you can land a high paying job as a medical billing professional.

#5. Transcription

I always thought transcription was a pretty necessary skill – if you could type, you could transcribe. It turned out I was wrong. Transcription is a much more specialized skill than that. After all, you need to simultaneously listen to the audio and transcribe what is said without making any mistakes. And when several people are speaking, it’s up to you to differentiate the voices.

It can all be very tricky. This is why skilled transcriptionists are in great demand in work from the homeworld. There are even areas that you can specialize in, like general transcription or legal transcription.

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with either! Believe me, I know. My very first job at home was as a legal typist. I have transcribed interviews with insurance companies, often about traffic accidents or other insurance claims under investigation. It was incredibly interesting, very flexible, and well paid too.

#6. Writing

Either you like to write, or you don’t – there doesn’t seem to be any in-between. Me? I love to write. This is why I left the corporate world to become a freelance writer, even though I had no writing experience. This eventually led me to start a blog to focus on delivering the content I wanted 24/7/365 while helping others.

writing pad with laptopIf this seems like a dream to you, you will be happy to learn that writing is a highly demanded job applied around the home and can be quickly learned. As a bonus? You can take your writing as far as you want.

  • Start a blog? Check.
  • Become a freelance writing phenomenon? Sure.
  • Self-publish the next bestseller? Absolutely.

First of all, you need to hone your writing skills so that you can market them as work from home skills. The best way to start is to ask someone who has been in your shoes for advice. And, I highly recommend Elna Cain as someone.

She started a career as a freelance writer while raising twin toddlers (crazy, I know). And now she’s showing you how you too can translate your passion for writing a dream job into a dream job. His journey, “Write Your Way to Your First 1K,” gives you the extra effort to put your writing to work, so you too can do your first big cool – and beyond.

#7. Medical transcription and editing

After seeing a doctor or healthcare professional, they sit down and dictate notes about your visit. These notes are then transcribed by a transcription professional and form part of your permanent medical record.

Thanks to advances in technology, doctors can also use special software to convert their words into a transcript automatically. However, the software is not perfect and needs to be edited by professionals before it becomes a medical record.

This is where medical transcription and editing skills come in handy. CareerStep offers a medical transcription and review course that, you guessed it, teaches you both the skills you are looking for. In less than a year, you’ll learn everything you need to transcribe dictation and edit software-generated transcriptions.

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On-demand work skills from home, you can quickly learn online.

There you have it, 7 in-demand skills you can quickly learn to help you work from home. When you use an online course, like the ones listed here, you receive step-by-step instructions that help you reach your work-from-home goals faster. Before you know it, you’ll need to swap your daily commute into a short walk to the home office. You got that!


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