16 Ways to earn backlinks to your blog

16 ways to earn backlinks you should know


Please this should be shared to all you guys: 16 ways to earn backlinks. I didn’t try them all, however I think they’re still useful with some guys. In this post I divided them into two categories; do enjoy.

16 Ways to earn backlinks to your site

  1. Blog Regularly: This is the best way to earn backlinks. If you blog regularly, you will have a ton of content for people to choose from and link back to. Keep blogging and your authority online will grow which is cause even more people to link back to you.
  2. Link To Others On Your Blog: It’s the whole reciprocation thing and you earn backlinks. Blogging is a community, show your blogger friends a little link love and you’ll be in good hands.
  3.  Guest Blog Authentically: There is a lot of talk about whether guest blogging is a good thing or bad thing. I think it is a good thing if you do it right. That means real targeted websites and not spamming guest blogging networks.
  4.  Create Surveys: That Others Can Use People like to link to stats and facts. Be the source.
  5. Create An Infographic Again: people like to share infographics. Do it authentically. Through this you earn backlinks.
  6. Create A White Paper: It’s all about the authority, this shows you know your stuff.
  7. Create An Ebook: The same thing applies for ebooks as for your other content. If you can teach someone something they can link to it.
  8. Do Blogger Outreach Have something exciting to share: Blogs need content too. You can pitch them a story that is relevant to their audience. For more rules on blogger outreach, see this article here.

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Earn Backlinks Cont.

  1. Do High Quality PR Outreach: (No, sending out a press release to 10000 sites doesn’t count as high quality) PR can work wonders for helping you get buzz and exposure, but it also helps you earn backlinks back to your site in highly trafficked websites. A syndicated press release is not the same as real stories written about you.
  2. Empower Your Influencers: Your influencers are a great network to tap.
  3. Host A Giveaway or Buzz Worthy Contest: There are a ton of real sites that share contests and giveaways. You can reach out to them.
  4. Create A Video Series: People love to share videos on their site.  
  5. Be An Expert Source: I love this because it brands you as an authority and you earn backlinks steadily.
  6. Host A Podcast & Interview Experts With Blogs & Websites: I love the idea of reciprocation. When you have a podcast and you interview people. Many of those people will turn around and promote themselves on their blog and website. When they do, they are linking back to your website where the podcast is hosted.
  7. Be Social Being social is important. Not only do shared links have some weight, but the links in your bios are links. It’s also a great place to make friends with bloggers, share content that they can use, and encourage conversations.
  8. Be A Guest Speaker: Will you be speaking at an event. There is probably a bio page with all the speakers and your website earn backlinks.

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