How To Reach Your Targeted Audience

How To Reach Your Targeted Audience Through Mobile Apps

Right now, 2 million & beyond applications are already crafted for iOS & Android. By initiating a mobile application, you become a part of the worldwide market whose estimation exceeds billions and reach your targeted audience. Designing a mobile app that stands out amidst the mass is challenging. This will call for a robust marketing […]

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amazing reasons to root your phone for free akeentech blog

Top 7 Reasons To Root Your Android Phone 2017

Android is an exceptionally adaptable, adjustable and open working framework (OS). You may surmise that rooting isn’t for you, yet it can really help you to an exceptionally extraordinary degree. With so little work, so much can be accomplished. You may have heard terrible things about establishing yet at times, you may consider utilizing it, […]

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hidden things android phone can do:

Things You Didn’t Know Your Android Phone Could Do

There so many cool hidden things android phone can do that you probably don’t even know. You can adeptly make calls, download apps, check emails, send text messages, change settings, and everything in between. Of course, having the right know-how to get things done on your android smartphone will make you feel like a confirmed […]

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Hidden Facebook features

Top Ten Facebook Hidden Features – You surely not aware

Hidden Facebook features: Facebook is a company who is continually experimenting and including new features. Whether it’s introducing enormous changes for example replacing your wall with timeline or small changes like changing the icon of setting tabs. And keeping in mind that most of the times you become acquainted with updated features easily. Even sometimes […]

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Women’s personal safety apps

Best 10 women’s personal safety apps

Women’s personal safety apps: Women are, still in this age and day, being subjected to domestic abuse, violence and rape. The endless rape cases reported as of late by the global media. And the responses of victims, government officials, police authorities, offenders, politicians. And in addition the general population who read these stories say a lot […]

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unroot your android phone: akeentech blog

How to unroot your android gadget 2018

You might need to unroot your android phone if you aren’t satisfied after rooting. Rooting your Android cell phone or tablet gives you authoritative benefits of the operating system (OS). Empowering you to adjust or erase the files or records, tweak your telephone directory, supplant the firmware and do considerably more. Notwithstanding, there are likewise […]

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