Best tricks for making money/effective instagram marketing


Best tricks for making money/effective Instagram marketing

Everybody loves to go through so many Instagram posts when they are less busy because of its fascinating attraction for people who love  filtered photos/pictures of their friends,family and love ones. However, people don’t realize that they can make it on Instagram. IG  it’s a great marketing tool that if utilized effectively it can bump up your brand image on the top.  The list below are some Instagram marketing/business tools to profit your account.

  • Make your profile public. Make sure that both your follower and the general public can see whatever you are posting. On IG so many people are posting for their followers only this is a bad idea if you wish to make it on Instagram. 
  • Increase traffic: If people/bloggers want to increase their visitors engagement rate and increase traffic then they should embed their IG post on their website or blog/niche. You can make use Snap-widget for this purpose. This means if you act smart, you can attract visitors to follow your Instagram account while also retaining their engagement rate on your site. 
  • Share materials from other accounts:: Sharing of images and materials from other accounts that have large number of followers says a lot about your taste. It’s an excellent idea to build up relationship with you and your visitors. Check out this tool “Repost for Instagram” which shares images from other sources while also giving them credit for it.  
  • Be genuine: Posts/images  that are not genuinely  linked to you or your brand are just a waste of your time. Apart from any other thing, you can only attract the wrong sort of followers with that habit – If they can’t profit you what is the essence of having them around.
  • Timing/Scheduling: To manage an IG account effectively is very difficult if you need to schedule each and every post make . However you can do this (i.e increase your efficiency/output)by using a tool called “ScheduGram“. With this you can manage/control multiple Instagram accounts and schedule your posts as you wish.
  • Completed profile:You should upgrade your Instagram account most especially to a business profile. This means that you can have knowledge  on all your posts, your following, followers  and a ‘Contact’ button to take people to your phone number or email address . You should also let people know who you really are by updating the rest of your profile.
  • Keeping track of your performance: You must be up to date on your account’s performance and you should make sure that you are getting the desired result/traffic (e.g number of visitors). This can be done by the uses of an IG analytics tool called “Iconosquare‘ to look at some detailed statistics and find out whether your strategy is working or not.
  • A good image can do the work: The first thing your page visitors will want to see or be looking at is good your images are and make sure that it’s what your brand is all about. You can do this (i.e making a good image) by using a tool called ‘Colour Story‘ . This app will make up your images for whatever professional result you desire.
  • Be consistent. So many people post lots when they first join Instagram, before you know it they are nowhere to be found. It’s very important that you post regularly so that you can retain your followers and build a relationship with you which is your desires result for setting up the account in the firs place.

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