Generate traffic to your new website

How to increase traffic on my website/blog

 How to generate traffic on my website/blog

  1.  Generate traffic:By buying targeted traffic from Here or from anywhere else.
  2. By posting tweets with links to your site on Twitter.
  3. You may also buy twitter ads
  4. You can generate traffic by posting your articles with links to your site on Facebook.

You can generate traffic by Advertising your website in relevant forums and online groups e.g guest Posting, forum signature etc. As you grow your content on your site and as you build back-links you will also slowly but sure gain traffic from search engines.

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  1. Forum and Blog Commenting also helps in generating traffic.
  2. You don’t have to expect high income at the beginning but as time goes on with patient you will get there.
  3. Write articles rich with your keywords this will generate high traffic to your site.
  4. Your targeted customers must be known and you must ensure that most your ads are meant for these customers.
  5. Offline marketing is also a great ideal

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