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5 easy ways to make money on youtube


YouTube videos: YouTube as at today is the most popular website in video sharing which has close to two billions of users per month across the globe. One can watch new movie trailers, music release, gaming videos, stand-up comics, and many more on YouTube.

YouTube is the worldwide second largest search engine that uses meta-data. Nowadays, So many people are looking for ways to make extra money from YouTube videos. And if you are also among the people searching for the same it means you are at the right place.

YouTube appears in the list of the way of earning money online. It has in recent time gained a lot of popularity. And it has become a major source of income for so many people. In fact, you can earn a huge amount of money with the help of YouTube compare to the one you earn from traditional blogging.

You might be inspired to see top YouTuber incomes but actually nowadays it’s somehow difficult to make money from YouTube because of its growing competition.

However if you have quality videos and keep on uploading new ones then there are so many ways of earning money from your YouTube videos. You will not only make money but also you will gain a lot of traffic to your site or blog.

Even if you are scared or worried about how to make money from YouTube videos, therefore in this article, we are providing some easiest and basic ways of making money on YouTube.  

Ways to make money on YouTube

  1. Earn Money Through YouTube Videos Ads:

You can make some money through YouTube videos ads and this constitutes the easiest way of earning money on YouTube.

While you are uploading and publishing a video on YouTube, through the way of clickable advertisements you can monetize your YouTube videos.

The advertisements show up in the search result, besides the video playing and before the video playing.

You also have the options to choose the kind of Ads which you like to display like full ads, skippable ads and sponsored cards ads. Actually, these ads formats are automatically situated on YouTube. You can easily make ad revenue with YouTube by just following the below mentioned steps:

  1. Sign up on YouTube channel and click on account icon button.

-> Creator Studio at top right side of the page.

  1. Next select  Channel -> Status and features from left side menu of the page
  2. Next click enable button that is under monetization
  3. Here, click on the box after you might have read the terms and condition (T&C) you then click on I accept.
  4. At the end, you need to connect your YouTube account to your Google Adsense account.
Youtube videos account image
Youtube videos

After following above guides you are giving google permission to display ads on your YouTube videos and Google will pay you some percentage of earning as a commission.

And the amount of your earning depends basically upon the following points.

  • Number of views you get on your YouTube videos.
  • How many subscribers do you have?
  • You have full ads or skippabls ads.
  • How long video you have (If long then you can give ad more than 1 time).
  • Viewer comes from which country (If viewers are from UK and or USA then you earn more money).
  • How much time people have spent on your YouTube videos


For example, technical tutorials videos are the best option for earning money on YouTube compare to the other YouTube videos because individuals spend more time to watch the entire tutorial.

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  1. Create and Promote product on YouTube:

YouTube is the best platform to promote your products because you can easily display features of the product visually to user or the potential customers in order to make them satisfy with your products.

Products include art, music, PC, apps, mobile phone, eBooks, any other instrument and many more. You just have to show how your product can help and benefit the user in making their life much more easier. Then provide website link of your product under videos description.

You come to know if your idea works or not from the comments and views on the video. After creating your video, you know you need to promote it in an effective and efficient way.

  1. Become a YouTube Partner:

You might be confuse between Monetization and YouTube Partner and because they both looks the same but actually not.

Actually YouTube partnership is another avenue of making money but it is not easy to enter into YouTube partnership compare to that of Monetization. Just have very popular YouTube videos and you can start making money by  impressions while for  YouTube partnership you have to pass a very strict screening process.

You can become YouTube partner for free at no cost. In fact, once you begin a partnership, Google will handle all the revenue collection and payments.

And it also matches up one’s video with the advertisers and then decides what ads will show. Google keeps the track of the user’s ad responses and views too.

You will be paid base on your participation in the partner program. Actually, individual can only earn the revenue from the YouTube videos that comply with youtube T&C and contain the original content.

If you are a YouTube partner, you have the privilege to promote your own videos through Adwords. So by this way you increase your user’s views increase your revenues from the ads on your YouTube videos.

Youtube partner program is available in most countries and you can apply for YouTube partner in the same way as monetization (Creator Studio -> Channel -> Monetization.) But once your channel reaches up to 10,000 public channel views, it will then be reviewed to join the Partner program.

Once you complete the process you will then get a confirmation mail and you can likewise check your status in monetization tab.

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  1. By Selling Other’s Products

One can sell other’s products as an affiliate marketer and this is one of the best ideas of earning money on YouTube. Many companies offer a great deal to promote their product to the marketers.

You need create tutorial videos providing step by step ways of using the product and review your affiliate products on videos. There is also need to add a website link to the products in the YouTube description.

  • One needs to look for the affiliate product on which he/she can create a video plus clickable links.
  • In the following step, you need to decide the type of video that you will create to promote other’s product.
  • Once you have decided, you have to create the said video.
  • Next add affiliated link should be added to the video.
  • After creating the video, you need to promote the video on your YouTube channel. One has to optimize the YouTube videos for SEO so that it can rank higher in the search results.

The aforementioned are some of instructions that you have to follow for selling other company’s products via affiliate marketing on YouTube. You can easily find a product they like and can promote it for others for making a piece of profit for each sale you make.

One can chose any product from amazon affiliate program and give review about the product so when people buy the product via your link then you will get 5-12% amount of the product as a commission.

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  1.  More Traffic to Your Site Using YouTube:

Adding traffic to your site will not directly help you in earning money on YouTube however indirectly you can increase more traffic on your site or blog and which will result in more leads.

One needs to start utilizing the creator playbook. Just like you have done with the account setup, you have to create some new YouTube videos or you can recreate the older videos too.

One has to make sure that he/she has to provide the link in the first line of the descriptions of video descriptions. Adding a link to the site in the YouTube videos will help in transferring the traffic from the channel to the site.

How to earn more money on YouTube

There are so many videos uploaded every day to YouTube. And YouTube or Google never revel there strategy of paying money to every youtuber.

Even two YouTube accounts have the same number of views on YouTube videos also earn different money. Therefore it’s all depending on different factors. Few of them are listed below:

  • Number of views on YouTube videos i.e. more views more money.
  • Number of subscribers on your YouTube channel that is, more subscribers more per view amount
  • Visitor’s country i.e. more belongs to UK and USA then more money.
  • Topic you choose if it is related to important keyword like insurance then more you make.
  • How long your videos are, you can display ads 2 times and earn more if it is long.
  • What type of ads you are displaying. Full length ads earn more money.
  • More comments count then better rank and high number of view.
  • HD quality videos have more view and good rank.

I hope you enjoy this post and you now get know all best ways of making money on YouTube. Feel free to drop your comment in case any, thanks.


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