Essential Marketing Skills 2018

Essential Marketing Skills You need to Succeed in 2018

Marketing skills: The advertising landscape advances at what frequently appears like a dazing pace. There are changes in buyer preferences. There are updates to look algorithms. Furthermore, we can’t overlook the continuous updates and features added to different online social media channels. Consequently, being a successful advertiser today may seem to require an endless rundown of […]

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hidden things android phone can do:

Things You Didn’t Know Your Android Phone Could Do

There so many cool hidden things android phone can do that you probably don’t even know. You can adeptly make calls, download apps, check emails, send text messages, change settings, and everything in between. Of course, having the right know-how to get things done on your android smartphone will make you feel like a confirmed […]

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How to have a long lasting Smartphone battery: Akeentech Blog.

Long Lasting Battery? Things To Avoid While Charging

Nowadays, billions of people are using Android IOS devices. Everyone encounters an issue with their smartphone battery reinforcement. A mobile OS like Android consumes much battery compared to other operating systems. Our smartphone battery will lasts about 7-10 hours on the average. Long lasting smartphone battery life was always a major factor for buyers to […]

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