How to Earn free bitcoin

Amazing ways to earn free bitcoins online


Earn free bitcoin: These days Bitcoin is one of the quickest developing and very trustable digital money. Numerous individuals not aware about how to earn free bitcoin and search online to get the information.

NOTE: To earn bitcoin either for free or paid you need to have bitcoin wallet because you will need your wallet for the coin. If you haven’t gotten yours you can register here.
Let us look at the end the good highlights of Bitcoin

  • Fast
  • Its decentralized
  • Easy to set up
  • Transparent
  • Transaction fees are minimal

You can read what is bitcoin and how it appear then you can proceed with this guide and learn what all ways to earn free bitcoin online.

Earn free bitcoin in many ways

#1. Earn Bitcoin by completing tasks on sites

Under this aspect I’m using two sites to earn huge amount of bitcoins you can use the two simultaneously if you like to double your earning:
Bitverts: I’m personally using this site to earn free bitcoin because:

  • Easy to join
  • No minimum cashout
  • Instant withdraw
  • Support many wallets
  • You can earn unlimited amount of money
  • Mobile friendly

Signup here to join.
Gamermine: I’m also using this site because:

  1. Very easy to join
  2. Email verification for its authenticity
  3. Unlimited amount of rewards
  4. Mobile friendly
  5. $10 minimum cash out (very easy to get within 2 days)
  6. Support many payment options like Paypal, gift cards, check, and so many wallets.

Signup here to join
There are couple of sites like CoinWorker, BitVisitor, and which gives you opportunities to earn free bitcoin for nothing by visiting these sites and completing some tasks like clicking on adds.
By doing assignment on sites you can’t make huge cash. However, at least you start getting couple of pennies on each task.
Bitcoin games

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#2. Accepting bitcoin as a means of payment

You can make a bitcoin wallet through Coinbase. The bitcoin wallet accepts cash in USD or Euro. Once any payment is made it changes it into the exchange value of the currency estimation of the group used.
On the off chance that you have used other available digital wallets, it will be simple for you to set up this wallet as well.

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#3. Earn bitcoins from interest payments

When you have some already earned bitcoins then you can utilize it to earn a greater amount of it through lending them to your known individuals with interest rates and pay back duration and so on.
Likewise, another way to earn free bitcoin is through Peer to peer bitcoin lending sites like Bitbond, where borrowers needing bitcoins publish their requirement.
It resembles lending your bitcoin into different loans consequently mitigating the danger of being at bad debts or at loss. The main caution to obey is go through trusted sites only.

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#4. Earn Free Bitcoin from Mining

Mining is one of the fundamental and most ideal method to earn free bitcoin yet before begin earning bitcoin we should know what bitcoin mining is.
Bitcoin mining is process where miners utilize special software to solve math issues and in return they get certain number of bitcoins.
For more detail and to know in basic term you can watch Bitcoin basic information.
You can use,, and sites to do bitcoin mining and begin making online.
#5. Earn free Bitcoin by getting tipped
This is another method for earning bitcoin and here you get bitcoin for being helpful.
It is like getting bitcoin as payment however in voluntarily. So in order to get access to bitcoin you ought to have wallet and QR code with bitcoin address.
Numerous site like WordPress plugin sites, free resources sites or NGO sites you would have seen donate bitcoin option.

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#6. Earn bitcoins through gambling

Betting is a way to test your luck and if your luck always follow you then you can attempt same to earn bitcoin.
So on the off chance that you win in the game of betting then you will earn bitcoins and in the event that you lose then you have to pay whatever you have.
You can check,,, and websites to earn bitcoin as gambler.

Bitcoin gambling
#7. Earn bitcoins through trading
Trading isn’t same as betting and you can earn bitcoin through arbitrage where a product or services is being purchased and sold immediately.
Be that as it may, the challenge lies in the transactional value which is developed because of currency exchange. To begin with the better route is through Bitcoin StackExchange.
You can likewise chose to purchase bitcoin at a specific value and afterward keep it to offer it for a fiat currency and afterward purchase more when the price are generally low simply like trading in shares and so on we do.
You can use,, and or

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#8. Bitcoin games

There are numerous games accessible online like Bitcoin game list or The Block Chain Game and so forth which can make you to earn free bitcoin.
So hopefully these methods give you enthusiasm for making money online . You simply need to play your interesting game and earn money online.
Bitcoin trading akeentech
#9. Earn bitcoins as regular income
In this sort of earning the payment for any work made through a full-time job, freelancing, outsourcing or part-time the payment occurs through bitcoins. There are numerous sites who pay you through bitcoins for work done.
You can use and site pay you as bitcoin for any freelancing job you do.
I hope you like all the above ways of earning bitcoin and start earning bitcoin by choosing any of the way mentioned. Feel free to drop your comment in case any and thanks for reading.

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