3 Ways to earn money from facebook

3 Proven ways to make money from Facebook

We all know Facebook as a social media network, but do people additionally know that they can earn money from facebook? Well, not so many people get an idea about it.

Facebook is not a mystery money heap holding up simply in sight; but it can be a good source of additional money with a smart methodology and some work. The base of any master plan to make money on social media is 3 things:

  1. Interesting posts
  2. Interesting posts
  1. And…Interesting posts

On Facebook, there are engaging tips, image, articles and interesting quotes every day.

The best way to earn money from Facebook actually is through hustling. Yeah, hustling that is the word. Just like any other job, setting a timetable and abide by it is the recipe.

You might be thinking that there are no possibilities to earn money from Facebook, but did you know Facebook gets more than a billion users and it’s five times more popular than the next most popular social network platform.

That is just the highlights of how better of an opportunity that is on this giant social platform to earn money.

In this guide, I’m going to show you 3 simple and easy ways on how to earn money from Facebook. Let’s just jump straight in:

  1. MyLikes.com

MyLikes.com is a site that is made for both the publishers and the Advertisers. Since you are looking for way to earn money, then you are a publisher.

All you have to do is just to share viral articles on your Facebook page and you will be paid for every single click that is generated from your Facebook page users/audience.

Firstly, you will have to register at www.mylikes.com. Don’t worry, it’s 100% free to register and it will take you just a few minutes.

After you have signed up your free account, you are eligible to start earning money by promoting the exciting articles that are presented in the website.

As I have mentioned above, there will be so many articles in the homepage, so tap on Get Web Link and then you can start sharing that article to your Facebook page or timeline. You will be paid for every single click that gets generated from your Facebook audience.

But, keep in mind that the link cannot be shared in the properties of others users. It is called spamming. The link can only be shared on your page and not other’s page. Not even in any public groups.

I would like suggest you to pass through the Terms and Conditions page to be sure your activities there are all safe. Otherwise, you are going to be in the risk of getting banned from MyLikes website, without given you any second chance or thought.

I know that is a bit harsh from them. However that is how things roll for them. You see, Pretty straightforward.

After you have earned some amount of money from sharing links to your Facebook page and timeline, you can cash out the money to either a cheque mailed to your address or your PayPal account.

    2. Earn money from facebook through Link Shorterners

Link Shorteners are a good way to make some good money, when you are in need of some emergency money. It can’t make you rich or something, however yes, some cool cash for going out for a dinner or paying bills.

If you don’t have any idea on how to earn money from Facebook through link shorteners, let us make things easy for you:

URL shortening is a technique on the internet in which a URL can be made substantially shorter in length and still leads to the required page. It is achievable by using a redirect on a domain name that is short, which links to the web page that has a long Uniform Resource Locator.

Yes, you will simply get paid by shortening links and sharing them. You will be paid for every click, say $15-$25 per 1000 clicks. Not bad right? It is actually very cool money.

So, register with link shortening sites like:

  1. Adf.ly
  2. Linkbucks.com
  3. Linkshrink.net
  4. Shorte.st

….and the list goes on. Those 4 above sites are the most tried and trusted though.

Once you registered to one of the 4 sites above, start shortening (shrinking) links and share them on your Facebook page/timeline. And for every 1000 clicks, you will be $15-$25 richer. As simple as that.

  1. Sponsored Posts

The last to this list is Sponsored Posts. This is the most effective of all actually and brings in much more cash than the 2 methods above. Why? Because you will be coming in direct contact with your buyer.

Sponsored Posts are easy posts which are “Paid for”. For example, whenever you post something on social media, you are not paid for it. You either do it for promotional purposes or for fun. However, Sponsored Posts means you will be paid to post on your social pages/profiles.

But, this works if you have a ton of audience followers only that engages within your page. Once you have, let say 10,000 likes/followers at least, you can offer paid posts for a particular price.

When your page becomes popular. Big brands will be attracted and sees a huge potential of advertising their products in your page. With this, they contact you for a paid post and you will get paid respectively for that.

If you know your page is eligible or say has the potential to offer sponsored posts, the best you can do is promote your Facebook page as much as you can to be sure people get to know about your page. You have to be sure your page attracts so many eye balls.

You grab the idea right?


That is it, people. The 3 easiest ways to earn money from Facebook by simply follow the required steps.

I hope you enjoyed the article and learnt something useful, because I aim for that.

I would like advise you to first concentrate on one method, you then move to the following one as you find success. With this you are not being a Jack of all trades and ending up achieving none.

Note, One thing is, do not spam please. No one likes to get spammed, because it’s irritating and annoying.

Thanks for reading and feel free to drop your comment in case any.

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