effects of Mobile Phones on Students

Effects of Mobile Phones on Students

 Alongside their books and school supplies, most secondary school and tertiary students – and many younger students – make their daily outing to class with their trusty smartphone.

Smartphones connect students to each other, to educational assets or resources, and to a potential host of distractions. The presence of phones presents both challenges and opportunities for the present day students. Mobile phones can be a useful academic tool also.

It can also be a hurtful academic disturbance depending on the use pattern. It also depends on the attitude of the students and the policies of the schools they go to.

Below are some effects of mobile phones on students both the negative and the positive effects.

Effects of Mobile Phones on Students

#1. More Convenience

Mobile phones are obviously convenient. Due to mobile phones, students never need to look for a pay telephone or wonder about the location of their friends and Lecture Theater.

These ubiquitous communication tools enable students to instantly reach their parents and their peers. Everything from calling to check movie times to ordering a pizza is easier with a mobile phone.

Because the communication gadget you need is right at your fingertips.

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#2. Greater Technology Availability

This can be categorize as one of the positive effects of mobile phones on students. Picture taking and Internet surfing are readily available on most phones.

This guides students in gathering the info that they need for school or accessing their school website or their email. Students benefit from the technology availability as it enables the students to create more polished academic products with little efforts than before the ready availability of phones.  

#3. Improved Personal Security

Many parents contend and argue that mobile phones keep students very safe. A parent will never be more than a phone call away when a student is carrying their mobile phone.

The presence of a mobile phone likewise guarantees that students can call their parents or emergency personnel on account of an unforeseen emergency. While most students will never need to utilize their mobile phone as a safety gadget.

The knowledge that it could be utilized as such puts parents at ease and keeps them paying the monthly mobile phone charge.

 #4. More Distractions

The biggest lament of teachers with respect to mobile phones is that they lead to student off task behavior and distraction. Messaging a friend is a tempting diversion that so many students prefer over listening to a lecture or completing a class task.      

If not silenced, mobile phones can ring during class, drawing the class’s attention away from the lesson and disrupting the flow of studying.

This is one the effects of mobile phones on students of which impacts students’ school performance negatively. It prevents them from committing their full attention to their studies.

#5. Inappropriate Behaviors

This is one of the major negative effects of mobile phones on students. While helpful, a significant number of the features of mobile phones can likewise be used to take part in improper behaviors.

Taking inappropriate pictures (nudes) and after that “sexting” them to a girlfriend or boyfriend is a growing problem. These photos sometimes end up in the wrong hands. This may prompts others gaining access to the private photos. 

Teenagers often fail to recognize the long haul implications of inappropriate conduct. They take part in the conduct without thinking about the consequences.

The consequences for inappropriate conduct are real and long lasting. Once posted online, nude photos are almost impossible to contain.

The presence of these racy images can limit the teens options later on in the future and severely mar their reputations.

The lists above are both the positive and negative effects of Mobile Phones on Students. Thanks for reading.

Feel free to list any effects of Mobile Phones on Students in the comment box in case you know any.



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