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10 things you should do on forum

 10 Forum posting tips/etiquettes

  1. Do not violate the rules and regulations of the forum posting websites this may help you later on. Who knows the site owner may be monitoring you closely for something great. Abide be this forum posting tips.
  2. In order not  not violate the rules and regulations. You have to read the instructions and forum tips written by moderators or author of the forum sites
  3. To participate in any activities on the forum like voting, contesting e.t.c. You have show your presence by posting on the joined forum may be once or twice a week.
  4. Be eager to help others unconditionally. Though we tend to have our own interests in mind for joining the forum. But if anyone ask you for help try to help without expecting even thanks from him/her.
  5. Don’t be known as an e-warrior, fighter etc the person you are fighting online today can be your boss tomorrow.
  6. Don’t be a space booker, don’t comment nonsense or write short comment just to show yourself or your signature. I know most are guilty of this including me.
  7. If you want to advertise any of your products contact the moderator or the site owner.
  8. Stop spamming a forum threads up and down, sooner or later  your stupidity will soon be uncovered, and you will get banned.
  9. Be an example to others let people learn from you. Build your reputation online well who knows you may want to go for a leadership position tomorrow. Stay cool and think about others.
  10. Don’t be one sided or tribal bigot, don’t disgrace, don’t embarrass and don’t abuse others.

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Those mentioned above are the 10 forum posting tips. If you are able to follow and obey this forum posting tips you will not only have your voice heard but also have people behind you. Feel free to drop your comment in case any thanks.

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