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Get 1,000 Page-Views Per Day: 13 Free Traffic Sources


13 free traffic sources: Traffic is a standout amongst the most wanted things throughout your life in the event that you are in any online business and the reason is very obvious to make sales.

However, getting Traffic and making deals is totally different reason that the level of persuasion is very much more intense and after all there is money involved, when you are pitching a sale.

Be that as it may, as it is said you develop what you reap. So just forget reaping when you haven’t planted any seed. So in the event that you are in the foundational zone of Blogging life or even you drive quite amount of visitors yet need more exposure. I have listed below 13 free traffic sources to kick start your blogging career.

These simple steps will get you what you need with the assistance of recommended tools.

13 free traffic sources to kick start your blogging career.

#1. Are you on Quora ?

Presently the second you read the word Quora, a thought should have come into your mind.

NO, Since it is a quite an unsexy way to Generate Leads, generate website traffic and making sales. So we should convince you to get on Quora.

It has 200 million users currently …. hold up here is a comparison. Quora is a Q&A (question and answer) based site where you can follow some Topics on which you can ask questions and answer questions. So Create a Quora profile and begin answering or taking part in related chats with links to your site. If follow diligently you will found out that Quora is one of the free traffic sources available.

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#2. Video Marketing 

Video Marketing is blossoming at the present time with YouTube taking over the world rapidly. So Video Marketing can be extremely profitable and beneficial for your online business if done right. By doing Video marketing/promoting on YouTube it will profit your blog in two ways.

Youtube will pay you to include Ads and you can generate visitors to your site too. It will be a Win and Win circumstance.

You can make videos exhibiting Your Product or a Service or even do How to articles as they perform extremely well. Youtube is one of the best free traffic sources when you talk about Video Marketing.

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Video content

#3. Tweet your way to Success

Twitter is one the free traffic source platform. Twitter has one of the biggest user base on the planet with over 330 million active users or audience. It just like an online daily paper of the world where you find everything related to your questions or queries.

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#4. Targeted Email Marketing

You know why Email list building is such something essential with regards to online marketing. But if you are sending Right Email to the Wrong individual, there is nothing going to happen. Create your own Damn Email List with Get response (no credit card required).

Assume you just read a 1500 word guide about losing your weight through weightlifting and exercises. However, at that point an email “opt ins pops-up” about losing more weight with water.

Free Cheatsheet. Limited time. So easier and quicker version than the one written in blog post ought to be your worry. You can likewise make free lead magnets through Canva.

Email Marketing

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#5. Facebook groups

Those Facebook groups are the gold mines of Facebook as they let you connect with individuals and offer related content for Free. Regardless of which Niche you are there are huge amounts of Free Facebook Groups to join.

#6. Boost Email Subscribers

Freebies or gifts are amongst the best ways to gather email and offer some incentive in return to them against their email. Giveaways perform very well on Blogs while freebies perform very well on Blogs.

You can make Freebies related with your Niche like… Blog about Nutrition and Health? , make a Cheatsheet on Best Weight Loss Juices. Blog about Tech stuff? Make a Freebie about the Cheapest Tech devices under $50. There are limitless ideas to get from this free traffic source.

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 #7. Get on Pinterest

Pinterest is the most vital amongst the free traffic sources for me and why it shouldn’t be its so quick and easy traffic grower. So simply like Facebook groups it likewise comes with a similar element called Group Boards. Since Pinterest allows you to connect a URL to each and every pin it is such a free traffic source as it’s extremely useful for bloggers to get huge traffic.

Presently one thing I have learned is that each social media enjoys or promotes diverse sort of content.

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#8. Infographic Marketing

Infographics are not new nowadays in the content Marketing world and can help you with your Blogging idea. However Infographic are additionally free traffic sources, an awesome backlink magnet and can likewise boost your SEO.

What’s more, making Infographics are not likewise a tough job these days since it’s very simple design, an enticing and captivating infographic.

10 Amazing things without the internet

#9. Be Insta-famous

Just like milk and Oreo cookies, jelly and peanut butter. Hashtags make Instagram complete and are a perfect combination. Hashtags can be extremely helpful if used correctly and properly. You should be ensure not to spam alot of Hashtags in the caption space, most of the time it get your post editing settings messes up. I would suggest not more than 12-15 hashtags and no fewer than 4 hashtags per post. Picking a relevant hashtags is vital, else it would look spammy to your audience/followers.


#10. Get an Awesome Design

A decent web design helps you to get more search engine traffic and eventually build an Authority for you. A free and not all that customizable WordPress theme won’t perform well and look professional. There are ton of best Mythemeshop

#11. Little Advertising

Talk about getting leads and boosting results and making sales .Facebook ads, YouTube Ads and Google AdWords are my favorite options to have some serious shit done.

You can begin with as little as possible like only $10 a day. Keep in mind that Advertising is very risky if not done properly as it requires particular targeting.

#12. Guest Posting

Guest posting on different Bloggers with better search engine rankings can truly super boost your SEO game. What’s more, finding Blogs that is related with your Niche with better search engine rankings isn’t a hard task. Guest posting is majorly use by bloggers as one of the free traffic sources.

Simply follow these actionable steps… So you simply need to go to Google and search for the following:

“Keyword”+guest post

“Keyword “+write for us

“Keyword”+submit an article

“Keyword”+become a contributor

In this way,

In keyword you will have to write the topic you want to write about or your niche. When you write a guest post remember to make it always the best post ever.

For instance:

“Online money”+write for us.

#13. Get on Stumbleupon

Stumbleupon is an awesome content curation website with huge traffic potential and works on the premise of likes and votes simply like Reddit. If someone stumbles upon your post, it will be added to the stumbleupon lineup and stumbleupon will continue showing it to other individuals.

I hope you enjoy reading this post on free traffic sources to always get massive visitors per day. Thanks for reading and feel free to drop your comment in case any.


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  1. There are a lot of other sources just like the Reddit you briefly mentioned but our of curiosity, which of these traffic options work best or at least, which is your favourite and how much traffic have you been able to generate?

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