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Google Adsense banned?: Reasons, how to avoid & way out


Google AdSense is a good way to earn an extra income online likewise you can also get banned. But it is not as easy as it sound or read. Even decades of website work cannot make you escape a ban. And if you get banned by Google Adsense there is little to no hope of getting it back on track.

Therefore why does Google keep getting people banned?. Let’s explain, but before we do that you should remember the rule of thumb: If you are very serious about making money online, you have to diversify your work and don’t rely on adsense as your sole source of income.

Now let’s talk about what may make your Google  adsense account to get banned.

  1. Low quality Content

The Quality of your content is highly important. On the off chance that your content isn’t unique and of good quality, see yourself as damned. Make a site or a digitized content that 100 individuals love to visit day by day as opposed to making something that has a subsiding surge from a million to none.

Google despises sites with poor content and on the off chance that you don’t adjust your work. It might even expel you from its web search engine.

Therefore offer quality not quantity and be adored by the visitors as well as Google too, to abstain from making your AdSense account to get banned.

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  1. Accidental clicks ads placement

Ads placement deals entirely with getting enough attention. Ad placement decides CTR CLICK Trough Rate. The more your ads are accessible to your visitors the more your CTR and in return the more your ads click. And the more money you are going to make.

But there is a clincher. Some websites or blogs place their ads in such a way that people click them accidentally. Either the ads are placed right amid the navigation or beneath buttons. If your ads are placed in both or any of these cases (amid the navigation or beneath buttons) .

Google has  every right to disable the account in which such deceptive ad placement is practiced. Google only promotes intentional ads clicks. And if you decide to test its patience be ready for your Google AdSense account to get disabled.

  1. Clicking Ads of your own Site or Blog

Never at any point tap on your own site or blog ads or some other digital medium, nor urge others to click it. Google is exceptionally strict with this and can bring about a permanent ban of your site. Try not to even deliberately refresh the page for impressions. Use Google publisher tool bar if so.

In some cases, there may be a human mistake. Google comprehends this It has the much Ad Sense. So here you won’t get banned.

However if you need to know more information about sponsor showing up on your site. At that point simply type URL of the advertisement straightforwardly into your browser’s address bar. So it won’t think about your own click.

You can likewise check the Google Publisher Toolbar to find out about how Google Adsense functions. The Toolbar helps you check the ads destination without danger of an invalid click.

  1. Manipulating ads can make you to get banned

If you edit or manipulate any ads or even change the size of the ads. Then also Google AdSense can take a solid action against your adsense account. The keywords within your blog or site should neither be useless nor an improper implementation should be done like non-standard size to resizing.

  1. Not obeying AdSense content rule

Publishers or sponsors are not willing to place their ads on sites or blogs which promote watching pornography or for any content only available for adult view. One of my friend blog’s page was banned from adsense because of this adult content.

So if your blog has any content related to these categories, then your blog or website will be surely get banned from Google AdSense. You can visit here to know what is adult content  that violates the Google AdSense program policies.


  1. Generate Irrelevant Traffic or Using Bot

Traffic and more traffic is the thing that each on-line business needs. Be that as it may, do we truly endeavor to generate it? The vast majority either try to purchase Traffic or use a counterfeit automated bot to drive such awareness. Just spend say an insignificant $5 and an a large number of traffic upon traffic sites  will go to your assistance.

Mind it, and if you are doing that, you are welcoming big-time trouble. It is absolutely against Ad sense. Another primary cause why individuals get banned from AdSense for abusing Google’s Term of Services.

Regardless of whether you will purchase traffic at that point make sure to check traffic source. And on the off chance that you discover traffic source is legitimate then you can proceed with paid traffic. Most Fiverr Gigs sellers sell fake traffic at cheaper price but people won’t check the source of their traffic.

  1. Click Bombing Attack

This is the dangerous and most common reason to welcome Google AdSense Account removal. And mind you, Google has no any solution for this attack. It is solely your responsibility.

Data research have shown that 90% of new Google AdSense publishers are not aware of this issue. It will be a surprised for you to know that 50% of AdSense users have no idea What Click Bombing Attack is about?.

It simply means an outsider’s attempt to run your online business down by continuously clicking on your ads over 1000+ times. All this is to get you Google AdSense banned.


However if you are thinking that you have gathered so much bucks in Google AdSense so Google cannot make your account to  get banned. For your information just then you can read a scenario where a 19 year old boy get banned by Google despite having $46,000 in his account.

If you have read the article this far, then you are here either to avoid your account being banned or account had already get banned by Google.

And never worry, in case your AdSense account got banned, there is always a way out in every situation that is Google adsense alternatives.

Thanks for reading and feel free to drop your comment in case any thanks.







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