How to Use Social Media marketing to Make Your Business Successful

How to Use Social Media to Make Your Business Successful


Do you remember the days when a businesses’ marketing plan composed of a newspaper ad and a Yellow Page listing? Those have been substituted by social media platforms that entrepreneurs and companies can employ to create engagement, trust, brand recognition and, ultimately, profit!

However, the rules have evolved as well, and there are separate rules of engagement on social media; especially when you are using it to convince potential customers. You should always make sure that real people are reading and looking at what you publish on social media. Often they are partaking of your content in real time. So there is no time to change your post like there was with print marketing.

Your Facebook page or Pinterest board is quite often the first thing customers see about you and your business. You need to build a good first impression, or they will move on to the next company. Your page should be professionally set up. If you aren’t an expert level user, you can outsource this task on Fiverr, Upwork or People Per Hour.

Your Facebook page should cover all pertinent information about your business. Such as:

  • Mission statement
  • Business description
  • Professional profile picture of you
  • Business hours and location
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Professional cover photo that portrays your business

Your objective is to make sure your Facebook page is the best representation of your business and give your potential buyers everything they need to find your professional website or contact you.

By your professional sales page set up, it is time for content. You need to create compelling, engaging content and post regularly. You should use multiple forms of content such as images, text, video, and audio. All of your content should provide real value to the reader, i.e., they learn something new. Make sure your images are related to your posts.

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Revitalizing Your Strategy In 2019

The New Year (2019) has just commenced, which means it’s time to rethink business strategies, including social media marketing. Social media indeed isn’t a new marketing method, but it’s one that continues to evolve and be refined. It’s also one of the best low-cost ways to directly reach customers if you know how to make the most of it.

Here are six ways you can boost your social media marketing strategy and see better results from your social media marketing tactics this year:

#1. Go Where the Influencers Go

Go Where the Influencers Go

Social media influencers are so crucial that LinkedIn utilizes the designation of influential people in various industries as one of their primary functionalities.

Influencers don’t just have to be stars or high profile leaders, but can instead be anyone who appears to have a strong presence on any given social media channel.

Spend plenty of time following these people, seeing what they’re doing and trying to interact with them. Being connected with influencers can go a long way in helping you reach a broader audience and also in building trust.

#2. Be Less Intrusive

2018 was a big one regarding data breaches, due to this they’re demanding more privacy than ever. Not only does this spread to social media sites’ privacy settings, but as a marketer, it’s necessary to pull back a bit on advertising that could seem intrusive or as if you’re “keeping” the private information of users. It’s something that can have a negative impact on your audience in a big way.

#3. Streamline Your Metric Focus

In 2019, we’re seeing a move toward more specified ways of measuring your social reach, most of them have nothing to do with the old objectives of getting page likes, for example.

Rather, by using more in-depth metrics businesses can better assess their success on social media and tailor their strategies more effectively. Many social media sites are even offering the tools you need, such as the “Conversion Lift” metrics provided by Facebook.

#4. Real-Time Posts

Real-Time Posts

The originals, like Twitter and Facebook, are still hanging around, but there are also some new kids on the block. Social media channels like Snapchat & Periscope are leading the way as users provide real-time updates. These platforms can also be harnessed in the business world to give a sense of immediacy to customers.

#5. Add the Buy Button

the Buy Button

Increasingly social media channels like Facebook and Pinterest are offering users the opportunity to buy products directly through their platform. You can reach new customers more directly by not just showing images and sponsored ads, but by allowing followers to purchase from within the platform.

#6. It’s a Good Time To Invest In Training

Social media used to be one of those areas where businesses felt they could “wing it” and get results. Now that argument has been rejected, which is why more organizations are going to move toward employees social media training in 2019?

The Future of Social Media Marketing

One reality about the world of social media is that it’s always changing. 2019 holds things that are sure to influence how businesses market to customers, and it’s shaping up to be an interesting year with not only the growth of new social platforms but the evolution of new marketing tactics.

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