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Importance Of Mobile Friendly Website On SEO

A mobile friendly site is an essential for any marketer to build up a successful SEO strategy. There are more marketers improving their sites to be mobile friendly also. So what are you still waiting for?

With more individuals accessing the internet using their mobiles nowadays. You are risking to lose audience on the off chance that despite everything you don’t optimize your site for mobile.

Be that as it may, before we dive into the detail elements, you can check how check how mobile-friendly your site is from this tool by Google Developers..

If you get a decent score, well done then! However, if your site isn’t doing well, it implies that it’s time for you to optimize and improve your site for mobile and here are the reasons why you ought to do as such:


Why Mobile Friendly Site Is Important For Your SEO

#1. The Increase Of Mobile Adoption Rate

The mobile adoption rate is expanding each year as far back as Google included the sites that are optimized for mobile as “mobile friendly” on the mobile search results.

However, for the websites that are not mobile friendly, it will affect your click through rate (CTR) negatively on the grounds that users tend to leave the sites when they discovered that it’s not mobile-friendly.

If you did not know, Google is using mobile-friendly website already as a ranking factor. So if your site is not ranking well on Google, you need to really think about it. 

What issue can it be? Is it because it’s not mobile friendly website? Well, it could be.

In light of a report from comScoremobile usage has exceeded desktop usage for the first time in the mid of 2014. And it is still expanding amid 2015

This has demonstrated that you should start optimizing your site for mobile. You wouldn’t like to lose visitors, isn’t that so?

To have a mobile-friendly website, you need to ensure that the images and font size used in your website would not be too small else your visitors will have a difficult time reading your content.

Keep in mind; you need to keep the visitors happy when they stumble upon your site, even if it’s your mobile website.

#2. Mobile Is Convenient To Everyone

As inbound marketers or advertisers, we all know that it is very important to help our visitors with completing their tasks. Regardless of whether it is checking on a store’s location or reading an interesting article.

Well, we don’t always bring our laptop when we are simply going out for dinner, isn’t that so? Our mobile phone is always with us.

So whenever we are searching for the best place to eat Amala and cheese or the best steak around the town. We simply just search for it on our mobile.

There is no need for us to turn on our PC just to search for one thing or the other.

These days, mobile is so convenient for us. Even when we want to read for some short articles or reviews particularly before we sleep. 

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We can simply read it on our mobile device instead of turning our laptop on. It is convenient as well as it saves a lot of time. At least, we don’t need to wait for our laptop to load.

You can’t deny the fact that the user engages with their mobile gadget on average for 200 times a day. And this is why you ought to have a mobile friendly website. 

People are browsing on mobile phone more than on desktop.

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#3. Keep Up With The Industry

Many sites are making their sites mobile-friendly alreadyare you certain that you don’t want to keep up with them? If you noticed, most of blog posts title are currently starting with why, where and how.

This is because most users are now searching using voice searches such as Google Now, Siri and Cortana. For instance, when they use voice search, they don’t ordinarily start by saying “SEO”.

In fact, they will talk as though they are talking to their friend, “what is SEO?”

This is really a standout amongst other parts of having a mobile friendly website since you can provide the users with what they need. When they are even asking questions like they are communicating with a friend.

By this way, they will be satisfied because you can give them precise information. And they will surely visit your site again and again.

Like I specified on the above, mobile is convenient, which explains why the vast majority are searching for information using their mobile instead of desktop.

This has shown that mobile is taking control over desktop. And if despite everything you still don’t have a mobile friendly website, you will surely be left out.

But, it is as yet not very late now for you to optimize your site for mobile.

 #4. Improve Engagement And User Experience

engaging website

Not just you need to keep up with the industry. However with a mobile friendly website, you will get to increase your engagement with your readers and their user experience.

Since it has demonstrated that many individuals are using mobile searches. Suppose you have a mobile friendly website

Your readers will stay even longer on your website, which will enable to improve their time on your site.

If your site is stated as mobile friendly website by Google Developers, then you will highly improve your user experience.

When your mobile site is very easy to navigate, your bounce rate will decrease. Your visitors will spend more time on your website eventually, which will increase the chances of them buying your products or services.

However, if the visitors can’t read and browse your content on mobile, they will definitely leave your site. Kissmetrics let us know that a 1 second delay in page response can bring about 7% reductions in conversions

Imagine how many offers you could have lost if you do not have a mobile friendly website.

Therefore, you need to keep your visitors glad and happy when they are browsing on your site. If you would like to know what kind of mobile friendly website is attractive to the readers, you can just refer to Zhi Yuan’s post where he compiled 20 beautiful examples of mobile friendly website.

#5. Mobile Shopping Is Taking Over

Mobile Shopping

Nowadays, online shoppers have immediately started to favor using their mobile phone when browsing and purchasing products online. Indeed, even now, we have apps like Shopkick and Etsy to make online shopping very easier.

Some shoppers like to do business with an online retailer if it has a mobile friendly site since it makes things easier. Although desktop is broadly used for the larger part of online sales, however mobile is catching up currently.

Like what I said earlier, mobile is extremely convenient for every one of us. So when the clients wanted to buy something online, they can simply go the website directly or install the apps on their mobile and make a purchase there instead of turning their laptops on.

Since readers are spending more time on their mobiles than desktop. There is no reason really for you to not optimize your site for mobile.

 Conclusion: Be Mobile Ready

Since you now know why a mobile friendly website is so imperative for your SEO, you can read how to create a content that converts like crazy.

As pointed out, if you need more conversions and sales for your business, it is a very important to have a mobile friendly website.

In this year of 2019, having a mobile friendly website will be very important compared to 2018 as Google is using mobile friendly site as a ranking factor.

This implies that if you do not have a mobile version of your website, you will be missing on the Google ranking.

Therefore, ensure to stay ahead of the curve and ensure to be mobile readyWhat are your thoughts on mobile friendly site? Do you think that it is important, and why so? Feel free to share it in the comment and thanks for reading.



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