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Long Lasting Battery? Things To Avoid While Charging

Nowadays, billions of people are using Android IOS devices. Everyone encounters an issue with their smartphone battery reinforcement. A mobile OS like Android consumes much battery compared to other operating systems.

Our smartphone battery will lasts about 7-10 hours on the average. Long lasting smartphone battery life was always a major factor for buyers to consider before buying any phone.

However, there are some phone charging habits you should implement in your daily life which can prolong the longevity of your smartphone’s battery. Here in this content, we will share few tips on how to charge your smartphone battery and make it last longer.

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#1 Charge with Original Charger

It will be better if you can charge your smartphone with its own (original) charger. We often forgot to use the original charger and instead replace it with a duplicate one due to our busy schedule. This is what affects smartphone battery performance. If you are using a duplicate charger then, check its current (A) and output voltage (V).

#2 Avoid Using Fast Chargers

Fast chargers might not be the best choice for your smartphone battery’s overall health. Charging your smartphone using fast chargers may damage your battery in a long run. The process involves higher voltage which leads to high temperature. Therefore, make sure to avoid charging your smartphone battery using fast chargers.

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#3 Remove protective case while charging

You might have noticed, while your phone is charging, it becomes warm slightly. So, make sure you remove the protective case of your phone while charging. This may act as a barrier and slow down heat dissipation. Also if possible, try as much to flip your phone over while charging.

#4 Never charge your smartphone battery overnight

There are so many people, me too inclusive who have the habit of leaving the phone plugged in overnight to charge. We just have to stop this practice. Charging overnight affects smartphone battery longevity, and it also makes your smartphone device overheat. So, you should be sure to unplug your charger when you feel your phone is sufficiently charged.

#5 Avoid third party battery applications

Perhaps you have already installed a power or battery management app on your smartphone. There are numerous apps available on Google Play Store that claims to increase the battery life span of Android phone. But, these applications may not do any good thing to your battery because it increases the workload on your smartphone and forces your device to use even more battery power.

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#6 Avoid Playing Game while charging Your Smartphone Battery

Many people love to play games on their smartphones. Nowadays we are so addictive to games that we can’t resist playing them. But, if gaming is the only reason behind your smartphone battery draining, then you should stop playing games while charging your phone. This will not only eliminate overheating issues but also charge your smartphone fast.

#7 Always Charge your smartphone battery Up To 80%

We need to admit that 80% charge is good enough for a day, and it is ideal for overall smartphone battery lifespan. Crossing the 80% charging mark may make your battery to overheat, thereby affecting its life. Therefore, it’s not necessary that your phone should always be charged up to a 100% maximum.

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#8 Avoid Frequent re-charging

We always tend to re-charge our smartphone when it decreases to the 50% battery mark. But, that’s not the best practice to do. We must allow the battery to discharge to around 25% before we plug it in again. Studies have shown that frequent and unnecessary recharges shorten the lifespan of the smartphone battery.

 #9 Use Powerbanks

The best way to give your smartphone an extra battery life is to get a power bank. However, while purchasing a power bank, you have to notice few things like your power bank have to promise you protection against overcharging, short circuit, voltage surge etc. These features will make sure that your smartphone battery lasts longer.

#10 Don’t Use Your Phone While It’s connected to Powerbank

We all know, using a smartphone during charging might is not a good idea. Therefore, you have to avoid using your smartphone while it’s being connected to the power bank. Using your smartphone while connected to the Powerbank will raise the internal temperatures of the phone and shorten its life.

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Therefore, these are the ten common things you need to never do while charging your smartphone. So, make sure you avoid these mistakes to improve your smartphone battery’s lifespan.

Hope you enjoy the post, feel free to drop your comment in case any. You can also share it with your friends too. Thanks.


6 thoughts on “Long Lasting Battery? Things To Avoid While Charging

  1. Hey,

    Great post!

    I agreed that each one of us face the problem of battery with their smartphone. But you’ve listed some very useful tips, how to make our smartphone battery stays charged longer.

    Many of us do these mistakes and it affects our phone battery but by avoiding these we can actually make the battery long lasting. Point 1, 3, 4,6,7,8 are some point which I think we should really apply while charging.

    Thanks for sharing this, it’s really helpful.

    – Rekha

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  3. Where did you get your number 2 point from? Stats? Analysis? Fast Charging damages smartphones? Do you know most high-end smartphones now come with a manufacturer’s recommended a 2A fast charger? Please verify your facts and let us know ASAP.

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